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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


13,000 acre Lassen Foothills Development Rights Bought

9/2006 Lassen Foothills

Protecting a 13,000-Acre Ranch

Legend has it that pioneer Peter Lassen buried his fortune in Deer Creek Canyon and that it still lies there, hidden somewhere near the confluence of Deer Creek and the Sacramento River. Here, in California’s Old West, The Nature Conservancy has worked for more than two decades to protect streams, lands and rural ways of life in the Lassen Foothills.

Although we haven’t found the buried treasure, the Conservancy recently marked a key conservation achievement here with the protection of a 13,136-acre ranch on Deer Creek. In September 2006 the Conservancy bought an easement on Vina Ranch, the missing link in a swath of protected lands that now stretches 15 miles from the Conservancy’s Vina Plains Preserve near the Sacramento River to Lassen National Forest’s Ishi Wilderness.

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