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Monday, October 21, 2019

SMMC-MRCA 10/2019

Developer Threats, and New Parks 
in LA's Mountains

DEVELOPMENT THREAT IN HOLLYWOOD HILLS: comment letter to the City of Los Angeles regarding the proposed project and tree removals at 11472 Laurelcrest Drive (City Council File No. 19-1134) in Laurel Canyon, City of Los Angeles. SMMC 10/28/2019

100-ACRE L.A. RIVER PARK: develop a Los Angeles River Park Partnership that unifies efforts throughout the 100 acres of public open space at Taylor Yard, City of Los Angeles. [10-2-19 Item VI(d) Staff Report] [10-2-19 Item VI(d) Res #19-149] [10-2-19 Item VI(d) Attachment] ]MRCA 10/2/2019

EAST OF PALMDALE: donation of approximately 4.62 acres, APN 3370-017-014, Antelope Valley, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [10-2-19 Item VIII Staff Report] [10-2-19 Item VIII Res #19-155] [Item VIII Map] ]MRCA 10/2/2019

45 ACRE DONATION, NORTH SIDE OF SANTA SUSANA MOUNTAINS:acceptance of the fee simple donation of APNs 2826-020-025, 026 and 029 in Whickham Canyon comprising approximately 45 acres and entering into an agreement with Preservation Strategies, Inc. and Lennar Homes for the sale of in lieu fee habitat credits on Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority-owned property, unincorporated Los Angeles County. (This item may be heard in closed session pursuant to the Government Code § 54956.8. Negotiators: Joseph T. Edmiston and Robert Devogelaere. Under consideration: price and terms.) [10-2-19 Item X Staff Report] [10-2-19 Item X Res #19-157] [10-2-19 Item X Map] [10-2-19 Item X Attachment] ]MRCA 10/2/2019

261 ACRE PURCHASE, SOUTH SIDE OF SANTA SUSANA MOUNTAINS: authorizing 1) entering into a Project Agreement with the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District, 2) entering into a grant agreement with the Wildlife Conservation Board, 3) use of mitigation funds and acceptance of private funds for said acquisition and option payment, 4) acquisition of APNs 2821-008-031 and 035 approximately 261 acres, and 5) entering into an option agreement as necessary, Mormon and Browns Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [10-2-19 Item XI Staff Report] [10-2-19 Item XI Res #19-158] [10-2-19 Item XI map] [10-2-19 Item XI Attachment]MRCA 10/2/2019

WCB 11/2019

CA Wildlife Board to Save Key Ventura Ranch  Between "Urb's" and Ojai


Siskiyou, China Hill expansion 4, $65,000: 21 acres
Lake County, Big Valley Wetlands expansion 1, $675,000: 201 acres
Napa, Cedar Roughts expansion 1, $365,000: 87 acres
San Diego, McGinty Mounty expansion 3, $775,000: 87 acres
Nevada County, Red Mountain, $1.4 million: 633 acres
Santa Barbara, Campbell Ranch, $1.95 million: 138 acres of development rights
Ventura Hillsides, Walker-Hearne Ranch, $3 million: 2118 acres
Los Angeles/Hidden Creeks, $4.9 million: 261 acres



MORE ON THE 2118-ACRE VENTURA HILLSIDES PURCHASE (also known as Harmon Canyon):
Description: Peaceful valleys and Hillsides offering scenic vistas to the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. Contiguous with City of Ventura boundary. County of Ventura AE zoning allowing potential for 40 acre parcels (EDITO'S NOTE: AROUND 53 HOMES). Numerous Oak trees on site. Quiet country living just a few minutes from central Ventura.

SCC 10/2019

Coastal Board to fund purchase of Santa Barbara creek park connector


The grant is for $300,000 to the City of Santa Barbara to acquire the 5.3-acre Palermo parcel in lower Arroyo Burro watershed, Santa Barbara County, California.

FROM THE STAFF REPORT: the approximately 5.3-acre Arroyo Burro Palermo Property is a degraded but highly scenic and natural resource-rich property located within the lower Arroyo Burro watershed. Once acquired, the City will own and manage the property. The property is one of the last undeveloped properties abutting a creek within the Santa Barbara city limits. In addition, the site, which is zoned for residential development, is one of the last remaining developable open spaces in the Las Positas Valley. Acquisition will permanently protect riparian, wetland, and upland habitat associated with Arroyo Burro Creek, which runs through the property,and it will eliminate the threat of future residential development in this important portion of the floodplain. The project is part of a larger ongoing effort by the City and County of Santa Barbara to protect the Las Positas Valley and the Arroyo Burro Creek watershed. This local effort has resulted in the protection of 338-acres of open space land for habitat and passive recreation located northwest and southeast of the Palermo property


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