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Friday, June 12, 2020

SMMC-MRCA 2/24 to 6/3/2020

Conservation  Deals in the L.A. Mountains


CALABASAS WEST OF VIEWPOINT SCHOOL: comment letter to the City of Calabasas on a proposed residential subdivision on approximately 13 acres located at the south corner of Mulholland Hwy and Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road, apn 2072-001-003, City of Calabasas, Los Angeles County. [Comment Letter] [Resolution] [Map] SMMC 2/24/2020

MALIBU: acceptance from the County of Los Angeles a transfer of approximately 3.4 acres, APNs 4473-020-900, 901, 902, 903 at El Sol Beach, City of Malibu. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 3/4/2020

MALIBU: scenic easements and/or open space easements associated with Coastal Development Permit No. 5–91-436 (BMIF/BSLF Rancho Malibu), incorporated and unincorporated Malibu. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Map] MRCA 5/6/2020

TOPANGA: donation of approximately 32 acres (APNs 4434-009-011 and 4434-009-012) in the Santa Maria Canyon watershed, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 5/6/2020

EAST OF 405: 2020 updates to 2017 Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Eastern Santa Monica Mountains Habitat Linkage Planning Map. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map] SMMC 2/24/2020

EAST OF 405: acceptance of conservation easements, approximately 1.10 acres in total, over portions of APNs 5551-006-036 and 037 (7875 and 7927 Granito Drive) in the lower Nichols Canyon-Laurel Canyon watershed divide, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map] MRCA 3/4/2020

0.2 acres--acquisition of APN 2386-030-028 in the Dixie Canyon watershed using mitigation funds and acceptance of long-term maintenance fund, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] [Attachment]

1.35 acres NEXT TO GRIFFITH PARK: authorizing: (a) the acquisition of APNs 5580-020-012 and 013 located at 2630 and 2700 Canyon Drive, Griffith Park adjacent and (b) the acceptance of private donations and public funds, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 4/1/2020
reimbursement to Friends of Griffith Park for funds advanced to escrow for MRCA to acquire APNs 5580-020-012 and 013 adjacent to Griffith Park as such funds are provided by the City of Los Angeles to the MRCA post-acquisition closing. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 5/6/2020



WEST OF CASTAIC LAKE: amicus brief on Center for Biological Diversity and Endangered Habitats League v. County of Los Angeles, NorthLake project, unincorporated Castaic area. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] [Attachment 4] [Attachment 5] [Attachment 6] [Attachment 7] [Attachment 8] [Map 1] SMMC 6/1/2020

SANTA CLARITA: comment letter to the City of Santa Clarita on Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Bouquet Canyon Residential Development and Bouquet Canyon Road Realignment project, sch No. 2018121009, City of Santa Clarita. [Comment Letter] [Resolution] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Map] [Map 2] SMMC 6/1/2020

west of Castaic: authorizing: (a) acceptance of conservation easements on APNs 3247-024-001 through 009, 3247-026-041, and 3247-027-012 approximately 512 acres; (b) entering into an agreement with Preservation Strategies. Inc. (PSI) to receive proceeds from PSI’s sale of mitigation credits on said parcels, Santa Clara River watershed, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 4/1/2020

north of Castaic: license agreements with private parties to construct, maintain, and monitor native toad ponds on APNs 3244-014-908 and -909, 3247-017-900 through -912, and 3247-018-903 with fees paid to MRCA for land use and legal expenses, Marple Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 5/6/2020

east of Castaic: acceptance of either fee title or conservation easements over all or portions of APNs 3244-030-003, 3244-160-026, and 3244-160-062 through 3244-160-067 (approximately 59 acres) from BLC Tesoro LLC; (b) entering into conservation and long term land stewardship agreements, and (c) acceptance of funding to achieve these objectives, San Francisquito Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map] MRCA 5/6/2020

Soledad canyon: acceptance of approximately 18.17 acres from the Trust for Public Land (APN 3209-008-006) and granting any deed restrictions or conservation easements as necessary, upper Santa Clara River watershed, Soledad Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 5/6/2020



CREEK PARKS IN THE SAN FERNANDO VALLEY: adopting the Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries Revitalization Plan, as recommended by the Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries Working Group. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] SMMC 6/1/2020

Taylor Yard Paseo del Rio G2 Project, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Map] SMMC 6/1/2020
Taylor Yard Paseo del Rio G2 and Bowtie Project, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map] [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map] SMMC 6/1/2020

LAUREL CANYON TO WHITSETT: Los Angeles River Greenway-Habitat Restoration Project, Studio City. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] SMMC 6/1/2020

22.4 acres--authorizing (a) acceptance of a conservation easement over APN 2552-001-008, and (b) acceptance of annual easement monitoring funds and initial project set up fee, from Natural Resources Group, Big Tujunga Wash area, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map 1] [Map 2] MRCA 4/1/2020

project planning and design of Arroyo Seco trails, City of Pasadena. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] SMMC 6/1/2020


grant of Proposition 68 funds to the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District for phase 3 of the Arroyo Simi Trail and greenway, City of Simi Valley. [Staff Report] [Resolution] SMMC 6/1/2020

resolution adopting FY 20/21 MRCA Workprogram. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map]

WCB 5/2020


East Contra Costa County, Bloching, 3 acres for $105,000

Robins Nest II, 22 acres for $635,000, plus $100,000 from the SF Valley Audubon Society, in LA County

Rancho Royale, in Riverside County desert, 481 acres, $565,000 from the WCB and $1.75 million from USFWS, and $565,000 from the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy

Santa Ana to Palomar Mountains freeway bridge, $378,000, in Riverside County

Frog Lake, near Lake Tahoe (Nevada County), 201 acres for $1.3 million

Hunewill Ranch, 4100 acres conservation easement in Mono County, $1.2 million from WCB, $3.7 million from the NRCS and $5000 from the CA Deer assoc,

Santa Cruz mts/Coyote Ridge Expansion 1, 1526 acres in Santa Clara County for $1.5 million from WCB, $1.8 mil from USFWS, $600,000 from the Moore Foundation, and $456,000 from the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Authority

Coyote Valley Landscape Linkage/Sobrato South, 235 acres in Santa Clara County, for $10 mil from WCB, $5 million from the State Coastal Conservancy, and $1 mil from Peninsula Open Space Trust

Smithneck Creek wildlife area, Exp 1/Mello, in Sierra County, 976 acres for $880,000 from WCB

SCC 5/2020

Recent Coastal Conservancy Deals--MAY 2020

LAGUNA BEACH--HOBO ALISO RIDGE, 75 acres in south Orange County to be sold by developer

REDWOOD COAST--113 ACRE MILL BEND, SCC to spend $1.3 million to buy, located in both Sonoma and Mendocino counties. (was once part of Gualala Redwoods Corp)

LIBERTY CANYON BRIDGE in LA County, engineering plans


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