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Sunday, February 18, 2024

SCC 2/2024

Coastal Land Preservation Deals:

From State Coastal Conservancy meeting on 2/15/2024


DEL NORTE: up to $1,300,000 to the Smith River Alliance, of which $500,000 is to conduct pre-acquisition planning activities and minor clean-up actions for beach, dune, wetland, upland, and forested parcels within and in the vicinity of the Pacific Shores Subdivision, adjacent to the Lake Earl Wildlife Area in Del Norte County, and $800,000 is to acquire those same parcels.

83 ACRES IN HUMBOLDT: up to $800,000 to the Mattole Restoration Council for the acquisition of the approximately 83-acre North Fork Mattole property on the North Fork of the Mattole River in Humboldt County



100 ACRES IN CONTRA COSTA: up to $1,230,000 to John Muir Land Trust to acquire the approximately 100-acre Kenneth Gerlack Preserve Property in Contra Costa County. (Total price: $1.23M)

20 ACRES IN SONOMA: up to $600,000 to Sonoma County Regional Parks to acquire approximately 20 acres of non-active railway corridor to complete acquisition of ownership of lands needed to enable future construction of the Sonoma Schellville Trail, Sonoma County. (Additional $2.1M coming from Sonoma county govt agencies)



247 ACRES IN SANTA CRUZ: up to $8,000,000 to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County to acquire the 247-acre Beach Ranch property at the Pajaro River Estuary in Santa Cruz County. (Additional purchase funds: $5M State Wildlife Conservation Board, & $806k from CA Dept of Conservation.)

12,000 ACRES IN SLO: up to $5,000,000 for planning for the conservation of the 12,000-acre Diablo Canyon Lands located along 14 miles of coastline, owned by PG&E as part of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant which is slated to close in 2030.

27,512 ACRES IN SLO: up to $2,500,000 to the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County to acquire a conservation easement over the 27,512-acre Camatta Ranch in eastern San Luis Obispo County. Total purchase price is $18.7M with additional $10.88M from CA WCB, $5M from CA Dept of Conservation and $327k from LCSLO

280 ACRES IN VENTURA: grant of an amount not to exceed $35,000,000 to The Nature Conservancy to complete permitting and implement the first phase of the Ormond Beach restoration and public access improvement Plan on approximately 280 acres at the eastern side of Ormond Beach
MAP: Exhibit 3: Ormond Beach Restoration and Public Access Plan



150 ACRES-LONG BEACH: land swap involving the transfer of a five-acre parcel owned by Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority to Los Cerritos Wetlands, LLC in exchange for a 150-acre parcel for purposes of natural resource and wetland protection and restoration, open space, and public access.
--Declaration of Deed Restrictions
--Tribal Letters
--Additional Projects Letters

Sunday, January 21, 2024

WCB 2/2024

A Big Land-Saving Deal on the Central Coast

Thursday, February 15, 2024, 9:00 a.m.
Natural Resources Building, First Floor Auditorium, 715 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95814




Camatta Ranch Conservation Easement $10,372,600 San Luis Obispo County
grant to The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo for a cooperative project with the State Coastal Conservancy and the Department of Conservation to acquire a conservation easement over 27,512± acres located near Shandon.


Los Banos Wildlife Area, Expansion 10 (Soares) $3,700,000, Merced County
acquisition of 168± acres of land by CDFW as an expansion to CDFW’s Los Banos Wildlife Area located in Los Banos in the San Joaquin River watershed

Malech Ranch Conservation Easement $1,200,000 Santa Clara County
cooperative project with the Moore Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Network for the acquisition of a conservation easement over 761± acres near the city of Gilroy

CAL FIRE Pacific Union College Forest, Expansion 1 $0 Napa County
acceptance of a conservation easement over 246± acres by CAL FIRE near the community of Angwin 

Mountain Meadows, Expansion 1 (101 Ranch) $950,000 Lassen County
grant to Trust for Public Land for a cooperative project with CDFW and Feather River Land Trust to acquire a conservation easement over 1,827± acres five miles northeast of Westwood.

Magoon and Gill Conservation Easement $3,046,750 Sutter County
grant to Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust for a cooperative project with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to acquire a conservation easement over the 875-acre Gill and 571-acre Magoon properties, totaling 1,446± acres located east of Robbins

Sweetwater Ridge $7,280,000 Merced County
grant to River Partners to acquire 560± acres located at the southeastern border of the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge and bordered on the west by the San Joaquin River

O’Connell Ranch $6,110,000 Santa Clara County
grant to the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency for the acquisition of The Conservation Fund's 78.3% interest in 1,073± acres near the city of Gilroy

Lakeside Ranch $10,000,000 Santa Clara County
grant to the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency for the acquisition of 1,902± acres located west of the city of Morgan Hill

Upper Truckee River Watershed (Knox Johnson Motel-6) $6,000,000, El Dorado County
grant to the California Tahoe Conservancy for a cooperative project with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the Tahoe Fund, the League to Save Lake Tahoe, and the CDFW Watershed Restoration Grants Program for the acquisition of 31± acres of land adjacent to the Upper Truckee River within the city of South Lake Tahoe



Western Riverside MSHCP Samrith $88,069 Riverside County
acquire in fee 20± acres west of the city of Temecula.

Western Riverside MSHCP Johnson $371,000 Riverside County
acquire in fee 10± acres in the city of Hemet.


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