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--the California "Mega-Park" Project

Tracking measurable success on preserving and connecting California's Parks & Wildlife Corridors



NEW PARKS: 1/1/2000 TO 9/30/2011

MRCA: Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
From their agendas for 1/2004 to the present:

SMMC: Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
From their agendas for 4/2005 to the present:

WCB: Wildlife Conservation Board
From their agendas for  8/2004 to the present:



Bell creek-9.5 acres SMMC 10-24-05

Bell creek—restoration plan for 1/3rd acre dedication from condo project MRCA 10-4-06

Bell creek riverfront park-1/3rd acre MRCA 9-5-07



L.A. River bikeway-Marsh park connector project MRCA 2-7-07

Los Angeles River Feasiblity Study, 17 acre Studio City Golf Course site. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] SMMC 10/20/2008

3 acre Aliso Creek and Los Angeles River Confluence Park project. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] MRCA 11/5/2008

L.A. river master plan SMMC 3-26-07



Valley circle-101 freeway--4.3 acres SMMC 4-4-05

101-Valley circle, 4.3 acres (??)  MRCA 5-3-06

Valley Circle-101—2 acres
SMMC 3-24-08

Woodland Hills: purchase of four surplus Valley Circle Boulevard and 101 Freeway interchange area properties [Map ] [Attachment] [Staff Report] MRCA 8/15/2008

Valley Circle Boulevard and 101 Freeway Interchange, Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map 1] [Map 2] SMMC 10/20/2008

acquisition of four surplus Caltrans-owned parcels in the vicinity of the Valley Circle Boulevard - 101 Freeway interchange. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 11/5/2008



BALLONA WETLANDS--483 acres by WCB and CC--9-25-2003--The Conservancy contributed $10 million to the State's $140 million acquisition of over 480 acres of the Ballona wetlands , and is leading the State's planning effort for restoration of the property. The restoration will be aimed at re-creating scarce habitat for a variety of wildlife while providing opportunities for people to visit and enjoy the area. For documents relating to the purchase, see
for the State's restoration website,, and for other Ballona Wetlands updates,
-- ballona wcb 2003-09.jpg, 483 acres fee

Ballona creek bike trail enhancements MRCA 10-4-06

L.A. River-Ballona-- SMMC 4-24-06

Ballona creek bike trail improvements MRCA 4-5-06

1.2 acres by CC--7-16-07 Consideration and possible Conservancy authorization to disburse an amount not to exceed $100,000 to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) for project planning and design of a proposed 1.2-acre park at the recently acquired Milton St parcel along the Ballona Creek within Culver City, Los Angeles County.

Ballona-Milton st.-1.2 acres  MRCA 8-8-07
Ballona-Milton st.-1.2 acres MRCA 2-7-07

6-30-04 Consideration and authorization to disburse up to $142,320 to the City of Culver City for the Ballona Creek Water Quality Improvement Project, and up to $381,700 to the Ballona Wetlands Foundation to develop final plans and environmental review for Phase I of the Ballona Outdoor Learning and Discovery (BOLD) project, to implement the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Plan approved by the Coastal Conservancy on August 2, 2001.



Ballona-Baldwin Hills scenic overlook trail--MRCA 3-5-08

Baldwin Hills Conservancy continuation in operation SMMC 6-5-07

Vista pacifica SMMC 4-30-07

38 acres by SP--
11-2002 LOS ANGELES – California State Parks and the Baldwin Hills Conservancy today announced the expansion of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area with the acquisition of the first in a series of parcels along the Stocker Corridor in the Baldwin Hills. The preservation of the 38-acre open space corridor is part of the ongoing effort to expand Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area into a two-square mile natural park, open space and recreation oasis in the heart of southwest Los Angeles. This new acquisition will ultimately provide a critical link between the Crenshaw Community and the existing Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. Proposition 12 funds have been earmarked for the Stocker Corridor project via legislation by Sen. Kevin Murray and supported by Speaker Herb Wesson and the Davis Administration. The Stocker Corridor is a mile-long series of parcels that has remained as natural open space through the efforts of community members. The purchase of this first parcel along the corridor for $675,000 has been the culmination of community, local and state agency efforts to preserve the corridor and retain the natural characteristics of the Baldwin Hills area. 6-2002 of stocker corridor



Glassell park-1.29 acres MRCA 3-7-07

Boyle Heights green corridors plan MRCA 4-5-06

Donation near Elysian park

Elephant Hill-0.17 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Glassell Park-.9 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Mt. Washington-0.5 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Paradise Hill-1/4 acre MRCA 11-7-07

Glassell Park—1.29 acres MRCA 12-5-07

Mt. Washington-1.9 acres :  SMMC 1-28-08

20 acres at Elephant Hill

Elephant Hill--East L.A.

Elephant Hill

--Mount Washington

Mt. Washington/Elyria Canyon--2.2 acres



Glendale/L.A. River: Sunnynook Los Angeles River Project, Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Map] [Attachment 2] SMMC 6/23/2008:

project plan for the 3.4 acre Sunnynook Los Angeles River Project, Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] SMMC 11/10/2008

L.A.. river-Elysian bikeway MRCA 9-5-07

L.A. River-Marsh park planning MRCA 1-9-08

Taylor yard purchase map.jpg

taylor yard wcb 2005-11.JPG

Taylor Yard 57.8 acres and the Cornfields, 32 acres by SP
-- 12-2003-California State Parks announced today that it has acquired its first park property which directly fronts along the Los Angeles River at Taylor Yard near downtown Los Angeles. The 17.8-acre parcel G that has been a part of the Union Pacific Taylor Yard properties runs for about a half-mile along the river just east of the Highway 2 Glendale Freeway bridge over the Los Angeles River. It is one of the few remaining natural habitat zones left along the river and is seen as essential for the long-term restoration of the Los Angeles River. State Parks has reached an agreement with Union Pacific to purchase the17.808-acres for $10,472,000.00 and with Public Works Board approval today, escrow on the property is expected to close next week. The acquisition funding comes from Proposition 12. In December 2001, State Parks purchased the 40-acre Taylor Yard property known as parcel D along San Fernando Road. However, it is separated from the river by the Metrolink rail line. It was likewise purchased with Proposition 12 bond funding. It is now being developed jointly by California State Parks and the City of Los Angeles as a seamless park that includes both natural and recreational areas. The 17.8 acre parcel is just upstream and State Parks intends to develop it as a natural riverfront area and connect it to Taylor Yard, thereby connecting the Taylor Yard property to the Los Angeles River parkland corridor. Many believe parcels D and G are the linchpin properties for moving ahead and acquiring more of the riverfront by State Parks and other agencies to eventually create a Los Angeles River Parkway. State Parks also owns the Cornfield property, located downstream of Taylor Yard. It does not directly touch the river, but has links for bike paths and trails to the river, thereby making it one of the connecting properties to Taylor Yard and another major part of the future Los Angeles River Parkway. The northernmost 17.8-acre parcel is contiguous to the 6-mile stretch of soft-bottomed channel of the Los Angeles River known as the “Glendale Narrows”. This is one the few remaining natural habitat zones where one can get a glimpse of what the Los Angeles River may have looked like prior to channelization. Parks comm.. minutes 8-22-03–an agreement has been reached to form a partnership with the City of Los Angeles in which the state would lease about half of the 40-acre Taylor Yard site to the City of Los Angeles, which would then construct sports fields at the city’s expense. State Parks would develop the other half of the site as a “traditional” state park, which would retain the link to the parcel that is immediately adjacent to the Los Angeles River. The objective being to have a park that seamlessly transitions from active recreation to more passive recreation to a riparian environment. State Parks hopes that this will eventually lead to the “greening” of the Los Angeles River in this area. 11-2001-Taylor yard parcels map: For more on the original plan to purchase up to 127 acres of land locally referred to as Taylor Yard

Cornfields 6-2001-Cornfields map Photos: The 32-acre parcel is within an abandoned Union Pacific R.R. railyard located between North Broadway and North Spring streets as they run between the Chinatown area and the Los Angeles River. The L.A.- Pasadena Blue Line light rail right-of-way forms the parcel’s western and northern boundaries, with an intermodal station under construction one block south of the property in Chinatown. In March of this year, the Trust for Public Land (TPL), a national non-profit land protection organization, stepped in and negotiated an option to buy the property from Union Pacific Railroad Company via the current option holder, Majestic Realty Company. An appropriation of $40,000,000, most of which will come from the Proposition 12 Parks Bond Act of 2000, is expected to be approved by the Governor when he signs the budget this summer. TPL will then transfer the property to State Parks.
By CC 6-25-2001--$$1,494,000 to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority for acquisition of the AmeriPride property adjacent to the Arroyo Seco in the City of Los Angeles. In conjunction with this grant, the Conservancy authorized entry into a joint powers agreement with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

By CC 6-25-2001--$1,693,000 to the City of Maywood, Los Angeles County, for the acquisition of two properties for Maywood River Park, adjacent to the Los Angeles River, and for preparation of environmental documents. Added in 12-24-02 by CC- L.A. Junction railroad property

By CC 2-24-2000--disburse up to $400,000 to the City of Paramount to acquire the Fitzpatrick property for public access along the Los Angeles River to the coast.

By CC -3-25-04 Consideration and possible Conservancy authorization to disburse up to $400,000 to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works to prepare a preliminary design and conduct environmental review for wetland creation along the Los Angeles River as recommended in the DeForest Nature Center and Sixth Street Sites Wetland Feasibility Study and the Dominguez Gap Wetlands/Recreation Study.

Cornfield and taylor yard planning

Maywood (L.A.) riverfront park creation—on 7 acres of existing city-owned land— MRCA 2-1-06

South Gate/L.A. River: South Gate Riparian Restoration Acquisition Project [Staff Report] MRCA 5/7/2008

L.A. river restoration in Long Beach, purchase of 0.78 acres to connect 16 acres of recently acquired land to other parks, restoration of at least 34 acres
MRCA 7-12-07

Wrigley Greenbelt gates-L.A. River MRCA 4-4-07

L.A. River-Dills park, City of Paramount—2.23 acres MRCA 9-5-07



Vista Hermosa/Belmont High School—8 acres SMMC 4-4-05

Pico Rivera -1.01 acres in San Gabriel River MRCA 10-23-06

Pico Rivera-1.01 acres MRCA 11-1-06

Rio Vista native garden on Rio Hondo river—9.4 acres—existing public land- MRCA 2-1-06



addition of Compton Creek - North of 91 Freeway and South of Greenleaf Boulevard to the Conservancy Acquisition Workprogram. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map 1] [Map 2] 9/22/2008 SMMC

acquire approximately 3.99 acres along Compton Creek [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3] MRCA 10/1/2008

Compton Creek: purchase of approximately 4.45 privately-owned acres in the City of Compton [Staff Report] [Map] MRCA 9/13/2008

Compton creek restoration opportunity sites  MRCA 5-3-06

Compton creek/Washington Elementary Natural Park MRCA 9-5-07

Compton creek MRCA 5-3-06

Compton creek MRCA 7-12-06

Compton creek-1.12 acres MRCA 1-12-07

Compton creek and L.A. River/Lynwood improvements project MRCA 12-6-06

4.2 acres—Compton Creek

Compton Creek



66 acres by CC---2006• provided $7 million for the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority’s purchase of 66 acres of the Bryant property at Los Cerritos Wetlands near the mouth of the San Gabriel River in Long Beach. The sale, primarily negotiated by the Trust for Public Land, came after more than two decades of effort by the conservation community to acquire properties that contain the wetlands. The Conservancy earlier joined with the cities of Seal Beach and Long Beach and the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers and Mountains Conservancy to establish the Authority for the purpose of acquiring and restoring the wetlands, which are degraded but still valuable habitat for many species of birds and other wildlife.

5 acres by CC--1-18-07 offer to dedicate fee title (OTD) by SCE at Los Cerritos Wetlands; designation of the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (LCWA) to accept the OTD; and consideration and possible authorization to disburse up to $30,000 to the LCWA to prepare a feasibility analysis of the use of the five-acre parcel for natural resource restoration purposes under the Los Cerritos Wetlands resource enhancement program, located in the City of Long Beach

Los Cerritos Wetlands authority creation



463 acres by CC and WCB--2005• to acquire the Portuguese Bend and Agua Amarga Canyon properties, a total of about 463 acres, to protect wildlife habitat on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The properties are adjacent to other protected habitat areas and will contain portions of a 20-mile trail network linked to the California Coastal Trail. 10-27-05--disburse up to $1,550,000 to the City of Rancho Palos Verdes for the acquisition of two properties necessary for implementation of the Rancho Palos Verdes Natural Communities Conservation Planning (NCCP) Subarea Plan on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in southwestern Los Angeles County.
-- portuguese bend wcb 2005-08.jpg, 463 acres fee

160.5 acres—Rancho Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy map




Verdugo Mountains/San Rafael Hills--175 acre donation

Verdugo Mountains—purchase of 230 acres [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 8/15/2008
Verdugo Mountains-Hostetter Rd.-227 acres MRCA 7-12-07

Majors ranch—461.8 acres -- SMMC 12-6-04
 (parcels were eventually bought by a private land trust, Fond Land Preservation Foundation )

La Crescenta/Pickens ridge—300 acres SMMC 1-23-06

Shadow hills--32 acre conservation easement MRCA 5-3-06

La Tuna cyn—re-alignment of trails over 27 acres donated by developer MRCA 5/2/07

Tujunga wash gold course—280 acre donation MRCA 5/2/07

260 acres in Big Tujunga Wash

600 acres Canyon Hills open space donation and conservation easement

126 acres purchase in Lopez Canyon [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] MRCA 8/15/2008

acquire APN 2572-028-029 (approximately 8.5 acres) in the Barras and La Tuna Canyon watershed divide adjacent to the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, Los Angeles. [Map] [Resolution] [Staff Report] MRCA 10/1/2008

1.25 acre Big Tujunga Wash – Oro Vista Acquisition Project. [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 11/5/2008

Shadow hills proposed conservation easement MRCA 11-2-05

Big Tujunga cyn, 5.07 acres  MRCA 5-3-06

La Crescenta/Blanchard Canyon, 0.06 acres MRCA 5-3-06

Stough cyn-Verdugo mtns park improvements  SMMC 6-26-06

Hansen dam SMMC 7-31-06

Hansen dam wetland restoration MRCA 7-31-06

Pacoima—8th street park improvements MRCA 10-4-06

Shadow hills--0.77 acres MRCA 10-23-06
Shadow Hills-0.77 acres MRCA 11-1-06

Big Tujunga cyn—5.07 acres MRCA 11-20-06

Tujunga creek-L.A. basin OS map SMMC 11-29-06

Sylmar -8.08 acres MRCA 3-7-07

Haines cyn channel-verdugo mtns-vegetation clearance SMMC 3-26-07

Blanchard Cyn-Tujunga--0.09 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Burbank-Verdugos—4 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Kagel Cyn-0.05 acres MRCA 11-7-07

La Tuna Cyn-1.9 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Verdugo Crestline-0.09 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Big Tujunga habitat enhancement MRCA 12-5-07

Sylmar comm. Plan—map of public lands in area
SMMC 3-24-08

Tujunga Wash greenway—expansion of workprogram
SMMC 3-24-08

La Tuna canyon —expansion of workprogram
SMMC 3-24-08

Pacoima Wash greenway 8th street park--MRCA 4-2-08

La Crescenta-Blanchard cyn--0.06 acres MRCA 6-7-06

1.09 acres in La Crescenta

9.56  acres in Big Tujunga Wash

4 acres on Verdugo Crestline



joughin ranch wcb 2003-05.JPG, 1733 acres fee

Devils cyn—275 acre donation

Devils cyn-53 acres SMMC 4-30-07

Devils cyn -80 acres (addition of 27 acres to earlier 53 acre purchase)  SMMC 6-5-07

Devils cyn-Chatsworth-80 acres MRCA 6-6-07

Chatsworth/Santa Susana Mountains—donation of 14 acres [Map 1] [Map 2] [Staff Report] MRCA 7/2/2008

Deerlake highlands-Chatsworth –0.5 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Deerlake highlands-Chatsworth SMMC 1-23-06

Browns cyn—4.21 acres MRCA 5-3-06

Chatsworth-Devil cyn-6.5 acres MRCA 10-4-06

Browns cyn/Santa Susana Mountains -0.21 acres  MRCA 11-20-06

Deerlake Highlands-0.06 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Granada Hills Comm. Plan —map of public lands in area
SMMC 3-24-08

Rocky peak trailhead MRCA 5/2/07

Knollwood-Granada Hills-1.6 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Indian Oaks—settlement in Chatsworth

Chatsworth-Deerlake, 0.07 acres

Deerlake-chatsworth grading easement-- MRCA 2-1-06




(note: map shows the wrong parcels; actual parcels are to the immediate north) SMMC 9-27-04

Peaceful valley-14 freeway—17.1 acres
MRCA 1-11-06

East of Acton—7.5 acres MRCA 1-11-06

East of Acton—10 acres MRCA 1-11-06

East of Acton—Hughes Canyon—62.84 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Agua Dulce – 55 acres-- MRCA 1-11-06

Acton—30 acres- Youngs Canyon, south of Escondido Cyn and 14 FWY-- MRCA 1-11-06

Davenport rd-Agua Dulce—1.09 acres
MRCA 1-11-06

Escondido Canyon-South of 14 FWY—10 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Mattox cyn-soledad cyn—80 acres
MRCA 1-11-06

South Acton-Arrastre Canyon—10 acres
MRCA 1-11-06

Bee cyn/Santa Clarita—28 acre conservation easement MRCA 2-1-06

Rio Dulce ranch-1015 acres in agua dulce
MRCA 4-5-06

Agua Dulce-Rio Dulce ranch—1015 acres
MRCA 5-3-06

Soledad cyn-25 acres MRCA 5-3-06

Soledad Canyon, 41 acres MRCA 5-3-06

Agua Dulce-15.15 acres MRCA 7-12-06

Soledad cyn-41 acres MRCA 11-20-06

Agua Dulce pinchpoint SMMC 4-30-07

Agua dulce pinchpoint-maps of public lands

Agua Dulce pinchpoint MRCA 6-6-07

Agua Dulce/Acton-Antelope valley, map of public lands
MRCA 6-6-07

Soledad cyn-40 acres transferred from MRCA to City of Santa Clarita  MRCA 6-6-07

Agua dulce (L.A. county general plan)

Acton/Juniper Ridge—44 acres
MRCA 11-7-07

Agua Dulce pinchpoint pre-acquisition services deal with Riverside Land Conservancy
SMMC 2-25-08

Agua Dulce-Acton public-owned parcels potentially suitable for wind energy projects
MRCA 3-5-08

MRCA 3-5-08

Soledad Canyon/Santa Clara River Valley—purchase of 83.75 acres: in unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Map 4] [Map 5] [Map 6] [Map 7] [Map 8] [Staff Report]
MRCA 5/7/2008

Agua Dulce/Soledad Canyon: funds for the Soledad Canyon Conceptual Area Protection Plan [Staff Report] MRCA 5/7/2008

320 acres in Soledad canyon,MRCA 12-3-2008 [Map] [Staff Report] [Map] [Staff Report]

entering into a grant agreement with the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy for the Soledad Canyon Conceptual Area Protection Plan [Staff Report] MRCA 12/3/2008

adds APNs 3210-002-012, 3210-003-007, 008, and 009 to Project Agreement for the 270 acre Agua Dulce - Soledad Canyon area; (b) payment of said funds into escrow held by the Riverside Land Conservancy, [Map] [Staff Report] MRCA 12/3/2008

acquisition and/or restoration of the 51.5 acre Robin’s Nest property (APNs 3209-008-012, 3209-008-013, 3209-008-016 in upper Soledad Canyon, in exchange for funding applied towards the acquisition of APNs 3210-002-012, 3210-003-007, 008, and 009 unincorporated Los Angeles County.
[Map] [Staff Report] MRCA 12/3/2008

83.75 acres in Soledad canyon—MRCA 6/3/2009

74 acres in Soledad Canyon--MRCA 10/7/2009

126 acres in Agua Dulce—Soledad canyons—MRCA 2-3-2010

Bobcat canyon--12/1/2010 MRCA

Acton—12/1/2010 MRCA

1017 acre Rio Dulce Ranch--3/2/2011 MRCA

Soledad canyon (south of the road) and Acton, pre-purchase planning, many parcels, MRCA 4-6-11




North Elsmere cyn—400 acre donation MRCA 3-7-07

--400 acres in north Elsmere Canyon, adjacent to Angeles National Forest. This property connects the thousands of acres of parks in the Santa Monica Mountains, Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains with the Angeles National Forest and parks in the east half of L.A. County! This pinch point is just north of Sylmar and Granada Hills and south of Santa Clarita.

400 acres north of Sylmar (Bull Creek and Grapevine canyons)


Newhall pass

--Newhall Pass--6.6 acre purchase

Newhall Pass

Violin cyn—230 acres MRCA 5/2/07

Chiquito cyn-Val verde--0.99 acre

Chiquito cyn-Val Verde SMMC 1-23-06

Val Verde—21.39 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Placerita cyn—7.2 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Ridge route—2.02 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Templin-Hwy 5---20 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Sierra highway –2.45 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Tick cyn—5.16 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Castaic-violin cyn—230 acres

Santa Clarita-L.A. aqueduct-0.73 acres MRCA 5-3-06

Portal Ridge/north of Santa Clarita, 5 acres MRCA 6-26-06

Portal Ridge/north of Santa Clarita , 80 acres, MRCA 6-26-06

Texas cyn-Santa Clarita area—280 acre donation MRCA 7-12-06

Iron cyn-sand cyn/Santa Clarita-16.3 acres donation to MRCA 9-6-06

Pico cyn-27.6 acres conservation easement MRCA 9-18-06

Santa Clarita-Via Princessa—35 acres MRCA 9-18-06

Sand cyn—30 acres MRCA 10-4-06

Potrero cyn-stevenson ranch—10.6 acres MRCA 11-20-06

Pico cyn park access  MRCA 2-7-07

Santa Clarita open space district--SMMC 6-5-07

Santa Felicia Cyn-Hathaway Ranch area-215 acres
MRCA 11-7-07

Potrero cyn, 10.6 acres MRCA 5-3-06

3200 acres bought by City of Santa Clarita

--Santa Clarita--5 acres

1.6 acres in Hasley canyon




200 acres—Firehouse hill in Calabasas
197 acres at Firehouse hill
las virgenes-101 aerial—park
Las virgenes-101 property-smmc map.jpg


Agoura hills-Rasmussen—146 acres MRCA 4-4-07
or 151 acres—WCB 2001-08

Sage ranch/south-Woolsey cyn, 9.28 acres MRCA 5-3-06

Santa Susana Pass state park general plan SMMC 1-28-08

Lindero cyn-18.2 acre purchase from school district-- SMMC 12-5-05
18 acres Lindero Creek , L.A. County Funds Major Land Purchases in Santa Monica Mountains

Agoura-liberty cyn—4 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Liberty cyn north SMMC 3-27-06

Stokes cyn -0.25 acres  MRCA 1-11-06

East of Ahmanson-64 acres SMMC 3-27-06

Calabasas park fiber optic cable easement MRCA 5-3-06

Calabasas grade-15 acres adjacent to 101 freeway
MRCA 9-6-06

Calabasas grade-15 acres  SMMC 10-23-06

Calabasas grade-15 acres MRCA 10-23-06

Calabasas Grade-15 acres  MRCA 11-1-06

Liberty Cyn-Heschel-29 acre conservation easement donation  MRCA 11-7-07

Calabasas/Las Virgenes View Prk—access and drainage easement  MRCA 2-6-08

Liberty Canyon—swap of easements with private developer at 101 freeway pinchpoint
MRCA 3-5-08

Liberty Canyon wildlife corridor, exchange of easements,  MRCA 4-2-08

29-acre conservation easement donation adjacent to Liberty Canyon, Agoura Hills.

5.6 acres in Agoura Hills, near liberty Canyon

20 acres in Liberty Canyon, in Agoura Hills

Las Virgenes canyon trail south of 101 Freeway

80 acre gift in Stokes Canyon, upper Malibu Creek near Calabasas



duarte wcb 2002-08.jpg
duarte wcb 2005-11.JPG, 328 acres fee

bluebird-Glendora wcb 2005-11.JPG, 69 acres fee

bluebird-Glendora wcb 2007-11.jpg, 262 acres fee

gordon mull-Glendora wcb 2004-08.jpg, 42 acres fee

monrovia wilderness preserve wcb 2002-05.jpg, 429 acres fee

north claremont wcb 2007-02.jpg, exp 1, 180 acres fee

marshall canyon wcb 2005-02.JPG, 258 acres fee

marshall cyn wcb 2007-02.jpg, exp 1, 64 acres fee

north claremont wcb 2004-08.jpg, 233 acres fee

north claremont wcb 2011-02.jpg, exp 1,   151 acres fee

rubio cyn-Altadena wcb 2011-02.jpg, 8 acres fee

Rubio canyon--Altadena--2.8 acres

20 acres in Rubio Canyon

$4,200,000 to the City of Pasadena for acquisition of approximately 21 acres, Annandale project, City of Pasadena. [Staff Report] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] SMMC 12/2/2008

Annandale cyn-Pasadena -20.6 acres  SMMC 2-26-07

La Verne—3 acre conservation easement MRCA 4-5-06

Altadena Foothills-Emerald Horseshoe, Cal Poly Pomona study
SMMC 2-25-08



480 acres by Antelope Valley poppy preserve

MRCA: Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
From their agendas for 1/2004 to the present:

SMMC: Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
From their agendas for 4/2005 to the present:

WCB: Wildlife Conservation Board
From their agendas for  8/2004 to the present:


cahuenga peak wcb 2010-05.jpg, 139 acres fee

Cahuenga Peak-137 acres MRCA 11-7-07



laurel cyn-mulholland aerial 2.jpg
laurel cyn-mulholland aerial.jpg
Laurel Mulholland trail aerial.jpg
Laurel Mulholland wildlife corridor aerial.jpg

Laurel Canyon/Mulholland

6 acres at Laurel canyon/Mulholland

Laurel canyon and Mulholland

Laurel canyon/Mulholland


Cahuenga Pass-Hollywood Hills--CE

Cahuenga Pass

Mulholland core trail in L.A. City right of way-- SMMC 2-27-06

Los Feliz--0.4 acre conservation easement MRCA 6-26-06

Griffith Park-L.A. River restoration
SMMC 2-25-08

1.2 acres near Lake Hollywood

0.2 acre CE in Cahuenga Pass

Hollywood Knolls

Hollywood Dell

0.2 acres at Briar Summit

0.3 acre CE in Laurel canyon

Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon

Willow Glen/Laurel Canyon easement or gift

Bubalo-Studio city-0.06 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Bubalo-studio city MRCA 12-6-06

Mulholland Drive/Hollywood Hills conservation easement –next to 2 homes  MRCA 2-7-07

Laurel Canyon—donation of 2.45 acres, Mount Olympus. [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] [Map] MRCA 6/4/2008

Donation of conservation easements over portions of APNs 2425-016-024 and 2425-016-025 (3548 and 3548 ½ Multiview Drive, City of Los Angeles). [Staff Report] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] MRCA 8/15/2008

Hollywood hills-0.11 acres  MRCA 3-1-06

Laurel Canyon-0.11 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Hollywood hills sewer easement MRCA 4-5-06

Nichols cyn, donation of conservation easement MRCA 5-3-06

Laurel cyn, donation of conservation easement

Nichols cyn-Trebek --mortgaging of park to finance other projects MRCA 7-12-06

Hollywood hills 0.11 acres MRCA 5/2/07

Laurel cyn--0.17 acres MRCA 6-6-07

Laurel cyn-less than 0.25 acre conservation easement MRCA 9-5-07

Laurel Canyon—5 acres MRCA 12-5-07

Laurel cyn-4.4 acres MRCA 5/2/07

Sunset Plaza/Hollywood Hills-0.13 acre conservation easement MRCA 3-7-07

Hollywood Hills-0.12 acre donation
MRCA 4-2-08

Castilian Drive and Outpost Drive area, sale of APNs 5549-013-900 and 901 to the adjacent owner and retaining a conservation easement over both parcels, Los Angeles. [Map] [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 11/5/2008

Runyan cyn/Curson Canyon-20 acres MRCA 7-31-06

Runyan cyn-20 acres SMMC 4-30-07

Ivar-Franklin—1 acres SMMC 1-28-08

Ivar-Franklin/Hollywood—1 acre purchase from CalTrans
MRCA 2-6-08

2.5 acre donation near Wilacre park/Studio City --MRCA 2-1-06

in the Hopevale-Pacheco Canyon Area, Sherman Oaks, bargain sale acquisition of APNs 2277-018-014, 015, 016, 017; 2277-019-003, 004, 005, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012; 2277-020-001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006; 2278-001-004, 005, 006, 007, 008, totaling 5 acres. [Map] [Staff Report MRCA 12/3/2008

Beverly Glen/Santa Monica Mountain—purchase of 0.3 acres: [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Staff Report] MRCA 5/7/2008

Beverly Glen/Benedict Canyons—purchase of 17.65 acres [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] MRCA 5/7/2008

Benedict Canyon: purchase of either fee simple or conservation/trail easement interests in all or portions of APNs 4383-016-002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 009, and 011; and APN 4380-034-004, but excluding habitable structures and minimizing potential brush clearance areas, Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles. [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Staff Report] MRCA 6/4/2008

Beverly Glen—purchase of 0.3 acres [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] MRCA 9/13/2008

Sherman Oaks-0.11 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Beverly glen-0.6 acres  MRCA 3-1-06

East of 405-sm mtns purchase proposals

Sherman oaks—1.4 acres MRCA 6-7-06

Beverly glen-Laurel cyn, numerous small surplus L.A. city props, City wants to sell to SMMC  SMMC 11-20-06

3 acres in SM Mtns. east of 405 freeway: MRCA 12-6-06
Beechwood cyn 0.09 acres MRCA 12-6-06
Sherman oaks 0.13 acres at Fossil Ridge MRCA 12-6-06

Sherman Oaks—Fossil Ridge 3.5 acre conservation easement MRCA 5/2/07

Stone cyn --MRCA 12-6-06

Sherman oaks—2.77 acres MRCA 4-4-07

Sherman oaks-- 0.2 acres MRCA 5/2/07

Bel air-Higgins cyn—1.8 acres MRCA 6-6-07

East sm mtns purchase plans,  MRCA 6-6-07

L.A. City-west sm mtns purchase plans MRCA 6-6-07

Beverly Glen--47 acres of surplus land owned by L.A. City bought by MRCA-- MRCA 11-7-07

29 acres in Beverly Glen and Benedict canyons

77 surplus LA city props in Beverly Glen

Beverly Glen

Beverly Glen and Benedict canyons

Benedict cyn

0.5 acre CE in Benedict canyon

Beverly Glen

Stone Canyon reservoir

Bel air--Mulholland Drive--0.2 acre CE in L.A. City

Mulholland Drive/405 Freeway bridge replacement

12 acres in Sherman Oaks

Mountaingate trails MRCA 7-12-06

Mandeville Canyon-1.3 acres
MRCA 3-5-08

Westridge-Canyonback park-withdrawn from agenda MRCA 11-7-07

Encino-Westridge-Canyonback park—25 acre donation of conservation easement

Encino drainage/brush clearance easement MRCA 3-1-06

Adjacent to Hilton open space in Brentwood

27 acres east side of Encino Reservoir


0.5 acres in Encino

1.73 acres in Encino

Rivas cyn -0.3 acres MRCA 5/2/07

Temescal Canyon park improvements--MRCA 3-5-08

Pacific Palisades: purchase of 0.33 acres in the Pacific Palisades [Attachment] [Staff Report]

Temescal cyn lease to children’s centers SMMC 4-30-07

Temescal cyn, transfer of drainage easement to adjoining private owner SMMC 7-30-07

Marquez cyn-6.42 acres  MRCA 3-1-06

Tarzana-1.3 acres MRCA 12-6-06

368 acres in Tarzana by SP-Avatar parcel,, avatar property map. The hearing is designed to receive public testimony on a proposal to acquire approximately 368 acres of land for Topanga State Park in Woodland Hills, County of Los Angeles.

Pacific Palisades

Pac Palisades

0.33 acres in Pacific Palisades

Serrania Ridge CE

Woodland Hills—CE

1.5 acres in Woodland Hills

avatar purchase map.jpg

Natoma/Woodland Hills conservation easement MRCA 2-7-07

Woodland hills-Dry cyn-2.2. acres MRCA 7-12-06

Woodland Hills-- ¼ acre MRCA 11-29-06

Woodland Hills-Serrania Ridge trail easement
MRCA 4-2-08

Woodland Hills/Natoma-5.5 acres
MRCA 4-2-08

West Mulholland (Trailhead) Watershed Improvement Project, Woodland Hills. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] SMMC 10/20/2008

conservation easement on APN 4386-010-010, 13140 Mulholland Drive, City of Los Angeles. [Map] [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Resolution] MRCA 11/5/2008

Woodland Hills: waiver of portion of City owned walkway directly adjacent to Serrania Ridge, [Staff Report] [Map ] SMMC 5/12/2008:

Dry Canyon/Woodland Hills: increase in the fee simple transfer portion to the owner of APN 2007-033-025, Woodland Hills. [Map] [Staff Report] MRCA 6/4/2008

Woodland hills-Dry cyn—2.2. acres MRCA 7-31-06

Woodland hills -0.11 acres MRCA 12-6-06



1659 acres by SP-Lower Topanga 6-2001 Lower Topanga map In March of this year, the American Land Conservancy, a private, non-profit organization that facilitates the preservation of parkland and water resources throughout the nation, announced that it would purchase the property from LAACO, Ltd., the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The intent of ALC has been to purchase the 1,659-acre property and hold it for transfer to the California Department of Parks and Recreation when park bond money became available. The money for acquiring lower Topanga Canyon will come from the Proposition 12 Parks Bond Act of 2000. Of the $48 million allocated, $43 million will be used to purchase the property and the remaining $5 million will be used to relocate the tenants and begin the restoration of the site.

Topanga/Sylvia Park, 112 acres,
surplus L.A. County land transferred to the MRCA 11-1-06

Topanga, 3.7 acres located along the west side of Topanga State Park both east and west of Topanga Canyon Boulevard [Map 1] [Map 3] [Attachment] [Map 2] [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 10/1/2008

Topanga, restoration of the berm removal project in lower Topanga Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Attachment] [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 10/1/2008

Topanga--Turner & Kleles, 1140 Henry Ridge Mtwy, -- trail easement-- MRCA 4/14/2010 [Map]   

Topanga—Greenleaf Canyon/Leland open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010

Topanga Canyon--3/2/2011 MRCA-- scenic easements and/or open space easements associated with Coastal Development Permit No. 5-90-103A (Solar Systems, Inc.),. [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] [Map 4]]

Topanga, 1035 Henry Ridge/English, trail easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Topanga-- dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Topanga/Fernwood-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010
[Map ] [Map 7 [Map 11]  

Topanga lookout, 20 acres of surplus L.A. County waterworks land bought by SMMC SMMC 10-24-05

Topanga canyon—1.5 acres of scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 9/1/2010

Topanga lookout—20 acres MRCA 11-2-05

Cheney trail-Topanga—0.14 acres

Topanga-viewridge –4.99 acres

Zuniga-topanga-0.82 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Topanga-viewridge-Edelman park adjacent SMMC 1-23-06

Hernandez bowl/Topanga—20 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga-Sylvia park—0.16 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga, 0.14 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga-viewridge-4.99 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga-zuniga-0.82 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Topanga – 0.27 acres MRCA 3-1-06

Fernwood-1.18 acres MRCA 6-7-06

Topanga-Sylvia park-58 acres purchase from L.A. County  MRCA 9-6-06

Topanga blvd.-0.31 acres MRCA 9-18-06

Fernwood scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Topanga-- 2 acres MRCA 1-12-07

Fernwood-hernandez bowl—1 acre conservation easement MRCA 2-7-07

Garapito cyn/Topanga—38 acres MRCA 6-6-07

Garapito canyon in Topanga—38 acres
SMMC 9-24-07

120 acres in Old Topanga canyon by CC-5-24-2001--$250,000 to the Mountains Restoration Trust for acquisition of three parcels encompassing approximately 120 acres of land including critical habitat for western pond turtles in accordance with the Zuniga Creek and Wetland Resource Enhancement Plan.

Topanga Cyn-0.27 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Topanga-Fernwood-10 acre donation MRCA 11-7-07

Garapito Canyon-38 acres MRCA 1-9-08

Hondo cyn--0.5 acres MRCA 8-8-07

Red rock cyn-Calabasas peak  SMMC 2-26-07

Topanga Canyon--0.2 acre purchase

20.6 acres in Topanga

20.6 acres in Topanga canyon

101 acres at Topanga Summit
semet-summit to summit.jpg

10 acres in Fernwood above Topanga

Parcel in Topanga

0.03 acre in Topanga

0.09 acres in Topanga

--8 acres Upper Topanga Canyon Trail between Summit to Summit at Henry Ridge Motorway

Topanga  scenic easement --MRCA 10/1/2008

Topanga-sylvia park-fernwood—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Fernwood-Topanga--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Topanga/Tuna Canyon road scenic easement (Barnett)-- MRCA 9/3/2008

Topanga-Fernwood-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06



417 acres in Tuna Canyon by CC.-1-24-2002--$1,600,000 to the Mountains Restoration Trust for the acquisition of approximately 417 acres known as the "DeJoria Tuna Canyon S.E.A. Property" in Los Angeles County north of Highway 1 between Malibu and Topanga Canyon Boulevards. In conjunction with the grant, the Conservancy adopted the Tuna Canyon Significant Ecological Area Enhancement Plan.

1416 acres in Tuna Canyon by CC-1-24-2002--$1,000,000 to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority for the acquisition of approximately 1,416 acres known as the Mann Property in Los Angeles County north of Highway 1 between Malibu and Topanga Canyon Boulevards, pursuant to the Tuna Canyon Significant Ecological Area Enhancement Plan.

1016 acres in Tuna canyon by WCB 2001-11

71.5 acres in Cold Creek by CC-6-25-2001--$$719,000 to the Mountains Restoration Trust for acquisition of eight parcels encompassing approximately 71.5 acres including portions of the riparian wetland habitat of Cold Creek in Los Angeles County. In conjunction with this grant, the Conservancy adopted the Cold Creek Enhancement Plan.

Piuma Road scenic easement-- MRCA 10/1/2008

Tapia park area—3.12 acres of surplus L.A. County land sold to MRCA  SMMC 1-23-06

Pepperdine-Las Flores cyn-72 acre donation  MRCA 2-1-06

Stunt Road—Saddle Peak area—3.6 acre open space easement (Steinberg)-- MRCA 9/1/2010

Calabasas peak—0.45 acres MRCA 3-1-06

las flores cyn scenic easements --MRCA 9-5-07

Las flores cyn -- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Cold creek- 5 acre donation MRCA 4-5-06

Saddle peak public access easement MRCA 4-5-06

Serra retreat parcel sale and retention of conservation easement MRCA 4-5-06

Serra retreat land sale and keeping of conservation easement MRCA 5-3-06

Dark cyn-Quaker/open space easement MRCA 7-12-06

Monte nido-0.09 acres MRCA 9-6-06

Monte Nido --scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Monte Nido –trail easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Cold creek--0.09 acres MRCA 9-18-06

Cold creek trail easement MRCA 12-6-06

Las Flores cyn—1 acre conservation easement MRCA 12-6-06

Less than an acre at Carbon beach by CC--12-11-2003 Consideration and possible Conservancy adoption of the Carbon-La Costa Beach Acquisition Mitigated Negative Declaration and Monitoring Program and authorization to disburse up to $1,250,000 for acquisition of a vacant parcel located at 21724 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu for scenic visual and passive public access. The lot is adjacent to a property already owned by the Conservancy, and together the properties offer the only opportunity for the public to reach the beach and the only view of Santa Monica Bay from Pacific Coast Highway within a three-mile length of the coast

2.2 acres in Carbon canyon

7 acres in Carbon canyon

3.9 acres in Carbon Canyon in Malibu

Carbon canyon [Map]

Carbon canyon, 3.4 acre donation in Malibu

Malibu-Cross creek rd. MRCA 7-12-07

--10 acres Saddle Peak, by MRCA, by donation

Saddle peak, Ashley, Stiepel and Norman trail easements, 520, 545 and 595 Costa Del Sol way, Malibu, MRCA 5/4/11 [Map] [Map 2]

Las Flores Canyon scenic easements by Mountain Restoration Trust-- MRCA 8/15/2008

Las Flores Canyon, 5-90-106 (Niemier), dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Las Flores canyon, Niemier trail easement, 5-90-106 (Niemier), MRCA 5/4/11
[Map] [Map 2]

78 acres—Cold Creek
Cold Creek 78 acre purchase--trails.jpg
cold creek high trail purchase parcel map

MRCA 4-2-08

Saddle Peak—(Queitzsch, 101 Loma Metisse Rd.), -- trail easement-- MRCA 4/14/2010 [Map]   

Cold Creek Canyon/Monte Nido trail easement
MRCA 3-5-08

Monte Nido trail easement, located 847 Malibu Meadows Drive in Calabasas-- MRCA 5/7/2008

Piuma road-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010

Monte Nido-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010

Saddle Peak--dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Piuma Rd.-- dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Sweetwater Mesa- swap of easements over MRCA property
MRCA 4-2-08

Sweetwater Mesa-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010 [Map ]

Coastal Slope trail in Malibu--1/5/2011 MRCA—addition of parcels for easements, between Sweetwater Mesa and Tuna Canyon Park. [Map] [Staff Report]

Cold Creek and Stokes Canyon Watersheds: donation of both a 16 acre conservation easement and fee simple transfer of portions of APN 4455-058-004, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] [Map 2] MRCA 10/1/2008

Cold Creek watershed --10-acre dedication (APN 4455-008-013) unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Map] [Staff Report] MRCA 12/3/2008

Cold Creek- trail easements --5/6/2009 MRCA

Cold Creek-Monte Nido area -- open space or scenic easements ;MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 1]

Cold Creek/Idler-- scenic or open space easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Saddle Peak -- open space or scenic easements, MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 4]

Cold Creek, Thousand Peaks Rd./Andrews open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010



Cross Creek open space easement

SOKA UNIVERSITY: -588 acres (purchase finalized in 2005) SMMC 10-25-04
588 acres-by CC, WCB and SP--2005• CC contributed $10.5 million toward the Mountain Recreation Authority’s acquisition of the 564-acre SOKA Property in the upper watershed of Malibu Creek. The purchase protected critical wildlife habitat and offers outstanding recreational opportunities in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. SOKA Property within the coastal zone of the Malibu Creek watershed to protect critical habitat, open space and watershed lands and to implement the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Plan, approved by the Conservancy on August 2, 2001
With this deal completed on Friday, April 16, 2005, with the close of escrow on the 588 acre purchase, it is a partnership between State Parks and nine other agencies to preserve a property many have called the “Crown Jewel” of the Santa Monica Mountains. “One cannot overstate the significance of acquiring this magnificent natural landscape,” said Ruth Coleman, Director of California State Parks. “We have been trying to acquire this wonderful parcel since the mid-1970’s. We now own a portion and all the partners in this endeavor are to be applauded for preserving this ecological jewel.” The Soka property being added to Malibu Creek State Park is almost exclusively oak woodland, chaparral, and annual grassland. It is in native condition, with the exception of a few access roads and a small building at the edge of the property. The entire 588 acres of the Soka University property is seen as a critical habitat linkage for wildlife such a mountain lions, bobcats, badgers, and other animals within the Santa Monica Mountains. The partnership funding for the acquisition is as follows: (Most of the funding comes from Propositions 40 and 50, bond acts passed by voters for land conservation.) • Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, $10 million • California State Parks, $7.15 million • State Coastal Conservancy Board, $5.5 million • State Wildlife Conservation Board, $5 million • Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, $2.5 million • National Park Service, $2.5 million • County of Los Angeles, Prop. A, $2 million • Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, $1.23 million • Calabasas, $250,000 • Agoura Hills, $250,000.
--soka wcb 2005-02.JPG, 588 acres fee
Soka purchase topo.jpg

Cornell-Malibu Lake-- 17 acre donation from developer
MRCA 2-6-08

Malibu Lake--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Malibu lake- scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Malibu Lake—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

--Lobo Canyon--5 acres

lobo canyon-nps 154 acres.jpg—closed due to partying

Malibu Lake scenic easement—Gordon—MRCA 6/4/08 [Staff Report] [Attachment] [Attachment 2] [Attachment 3

Malibu chili cookoff site—19.7 acres (was eventually bought by the City of Malibu) SMMC 10-24-05

Malibu civic center trail easement, 3415 Cross Creek Road-- MRCA 5/7/2008

Sweetwater Mesa/Topanga Pacific Land co—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08

Sweetwater Mesa--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

--Calabasas Secret trail--120 acres

118 acres at Cold Creek in Malibu

cold creek  wcb 2011-02.jpg, 118 acres fee

Malibu Road parcel

Pepperdine trails

150 acres on west side of Pepperdine University in Malibu

Pepperdine trails

Pepperdine University trail easement 11/3/2010 MRCA [Staff Report] [Map]

Pepperdine University)--150 acre open space easement on west side of campus-- MRCA 9/1/2010

7 acre CE at Malibu Bluffs park area

--266 and 99 acres Cold Creek Trail

Cold Creek

Malibu cross creek-- Trail easement donations--MRCA 2-1-06

MRCA 2-17-06,L.A.County surplus land bought by MRCA

la sierra cyn wcb 2007-05.jpg, 30 acres fee



Puerco Canyon-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010 [Map ]



Corral canyon -- open space or scenic easements; MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 2

Corral canyon, 5-89-960-A (McCallister) dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Corral Canyon, 3003 Sequit Drive/Chan, trail and other easements, MRCA 1/6/2010

Corral Canyon/Mellein open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010

2.5 acres in Corral Canyon

corral cyn wcb 2008-02.jpg, 825 acres fee

total of 825 acres at Corral Canyon in Malibu, by CC and WCB:

199 acres Corral Canyon

Corral Cyn purchase-850 acres  SMMC 10-29-07

Corral Canyon—620 acre purchase MRCA 12-5-07

Corral canyon--26 acre donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Corral Canyon-first phase of purchase 306 acres SMMC 12-28-07

Corral Canyon—116 acre second phase of purchase
MRCA 3-5-08

Corral cyn-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06

Corral Canyon, acquisition of the 650-acre Rancho Corral, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Resolution] [Map] [Staff Report] 9/22/2008 SMMC

Corral cyn-17 acres MRCA 1-11-06

Corral canyon—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Corral Canyon/Darbonne—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08



--80 acres Upper Solstice Canyon

Solstice canyon, --5-90-246 (Bolton), dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Forge, trail easement, Solstice canyon, 5-87-983 (Forge), MRCA 5/4/11
[Map] [Map 2]

Solstice Canyon-- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Solstice Canyon--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07



Latigo Canyon scenic easement-- MRCA 9/3/2008

Latigo canyon scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Latigo Canyon-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010

Latigo Canyon--dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

0.3 acres in Latigo canyon



Escondido Canyon Watershed, Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu; acquire property within [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] 9/22/2008 SMMC

1.2 acres in Escondido Canyon in west Malibu

Escondido scenic easement --MRCA 9-5-07

Escondido Canyon scenic easements and/or open space easements --3/2/2011 MRCA

Scenic easement in Escondido canyon

Escondido Canyon—dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Escondido canyon, Thorne trail easement, 27522 Latigo Bay View drive, Malibu, 5-89-1149 (Thorne), MRCA 5/4/11
[Map] [Map 2]

Escondido canyon—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Donation of a trail easement or offer to dedicate trail easement over a portion of APN 4467-003-032 (5801 De Butts Terrace), Malibu, pursuant to Coastal Development Permit 05-097 (WFS Seastar Cp., LLC). [Staff Report] [Attachment] MRCA 8/15/2008

Escondido Canyon/Malibu: acquire APN 4467-003-031; (b) fee simple sale of APN 4467-003-031 with deed restrictions to the owner of 4456-004-071 for full appraised value; and retention of conservation/trail easements over the majority of APN 4467-003-031 for the Coastal Slope Trail, Malibu. [Attch1] [Attch2] [Staff Report] [Map 1] [Map 2] MRCA 8/15/2008

37 acres in Ramirez and Escondido canyons by CC-8-2-2001--$$70,000 to the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority for acquisition of the approximately 37-acre Brown property in Los Angeles County, in accordance with the Upper Ramirez and Escondido Canyons Resource Enhancement Plan.

Conservation/trail easement in Ramirez canyon

Ramirez Canyon/Malibu--100 acres

Ramirez canyon & PCH scenic easement [Staff Report] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] MRCA 10/1/2008

Ramirez-escondido SMMC 6-26-06
Ramirez-Escondido MRCA 6-26-06
Ramirez-escondido SMMC 7-31-06
Ramirez-escondido MRCA 7-31-06
Ramirez-escondido cyn-winding way access SMMC 9-18-06
Ramirez-escondido MRCA 9-18-06
Winding way-Escondido cyn-trail easement MRCA 10-4-06
Ramirez-escondido SMMC 10-23-06
Ramirez Escondido MRCA 10-23-06
Ramirez-escondido planning SMMC 1-22-07
Ramirez-escondido planning MRCA 1-22-07

Ramirez—14.4 acres of surplus L.A County land sold to the MRCA SMMC 1-23-06

Ramirez-escondido—purchase in full or conservation easement of 40 acres­- SMMC 7-9-07

Ramirez Canyon MRCA 7-12-07

Ramirez canyon scenic easement-- MRCA 10/1/2008

Ramirez canyon, 5-89-743 (Segal), dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easements [Map] MRCA 6/1/2011

Ramirez canyon--Walnut Creek /Johnson open space easement-- MRCA 1/6/2010

Ramirez canyon open space easement

Ramirez-escondido- purchase in full or conservation easement of 40 acres MRCA 7-12-07

Ramirez-escondido—24 acres
MRCA 8-8-07

SMMC 8-27-07

Ramirez canyon—23.5 acres MRCA 9-20-07

Ramirez canyon--scenic easement donation-- MRCA 12-5-07

Escondido Canyon, Parcel on Coastal Slope trail in Malibu

De Butts-Delaplane/Ramirez canyon trail easement
MRCA 4-2-08

Escondido cyn-contract with Mountains Restoration Trust to buy land in area, no specific properties listed SMMC 10-22 or 29-07

Escondido-ramirez-- SMMC 2-27-06

Ramirez-Escondido-Debutts Terrace—6 acres

Debutts Terrace 7 acres MRCA 11-7-07

Kanan Dume-Ramirez-23.5 acres  SMMC 11-26-07

Ramirez-Escondido—purchase of conservation/trail easements on 17 acres  SMMC 11-26-07

Escondido Canyon—1 acre scenic easement donation--MRCA 3-5-08

Escondido Canyon-- Open space easements: MRCA 1-11-06

Ramirez canyon/Forde—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08

Escondido canyon/Toberman—Scenic easement MRCA 7/2/08

Kanan Dume Road to Latigo Canyon Road Segment, 46 acre purchase of parcels along the Coastal Slope Trail - - Project Plan. [Project Plan] [Resolution] [Map] SMMC 11/10/2008

Kanan dume—4.4 acres MRCA 3-1-06

18 acres- Kanan Dume Rd

MRCA 2-17-06, L.A.County surplus land bought by MRCA

--Ramirez-Kanan, 12.8 acres, 3 parcels,
surplus L.A. County land transferred to the MRCA 11-1-06

Escondido—open space easement-- MRCA 9-18-06

Assorted trail easements, near Kanan Dume and Ramirez canyon-- MRCA 9-18-06

Zumirez—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07



Zuma canyon-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010 [Map ]

Zuma canyon—Cavalleri rd/McLean., trail easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Zuma canyon, conservation and open space easement

Zuma canyon—open space easement MRCA 3-7-07

Point Dume trail easement, 6743 Fernhill Drive in Malibu, MRCA 5/7/2008

Point Dume -- open space or scenic easements; MRCA 6/3/09 [Map 3]

Kanan Dume-- scenic easements and/or open space easements-- MRCA 3/3/2010--[Map ] [Map 5]

Kanan Dume rd. scenic easements-- MRCA 8/15/2008

Point Dume scenic easement-- MRCA 9/3/2008

MRCA 2-17-06,L.A.County surplus land bought by MRCA

Calamigos Ranch trail easement—MRCA 12-5-07

Zuma Canyon MRCA 7-12-07

Zuma canyon--Kanan Dume rd, 0.02 acres--

Zuma canyon scenic easements --MRCA 9-5-07

Zuma Canyon trail

Zuma cyn-2 acres of surplus L.A. County land sold to the MRCA SMMC 1-23-06

Zuma-kanan, 2.4 acres, 4 parcels,
surplus L.A. County land transferred to the MRCA 11-1-06

Zuma-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06



Trancas-- Open space or scenic easements: MRCA 5-3-06

Trancas trail easement donation MRCA 7-12-07

Broad Beach--dedicate scenic easements and/or open space easement--12/1/2010 MRCA

Trail easement in Trancas

Trancas trail easement: Ohanian/5-85-459, Malibu [Attachment] MRCA 7-12-07

Trancas canyon, 33235 Mulholland Highway/Zacha, trail easement, MRCA 1/6/2010

Trail and OS easement in Trancas canyon

286 acres to protect core habitat in Zuma and Trancas Canyons

13.5 acre new park in Trancas canyon

Trancas Lagoon Acquisition Project; 15 acres and transfer land to the National Park Service, Malibu. [Staff Report] [Resolution] MRCA 11/5/2008

7 acres--Trancas Lagoon trail purchased--west Malibu

Trancas/Lechuza-- Trail easement donations--MRCA 2-1-06

Trancas Canyon trail easement for portion of backbone trail, near Etz-Meloy fireroad  MRCA 6-6-07



Charmlee park planning SMMC 4-30-07

Encinal—open space easement-- MRCA 9-18-06

Charmlee park adjacent—2.1 acres

Charmlee/Encinal Canyon-- 2.1 acres SMMC 3-26-07

Around ½ acre at Lechuza Beach by CC 9-28-2000-disburse up to $10,000,000 for acquisition of the Lechuza Beach property in Malibu, Los Angeles County, near Matador State Beach, located on Sea Level Drive

Lechuza Beach-lateral access easement-- MRCA 12-5-07

Lechuza beach access easements MRCA 7-12-06

Lechuza beach access plan MRCA 4-4-07

Decker rd-- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Encinal cyn-- Open space easement: MRCA 1-11-06

Etz meloy-backbone trail construction  SMMC 3-27-06

Etz Meloy/Backbone Trail construction MRCA 6-7-06

Etz Meloy-10 acres-- MRCA 10-3-07

Etz-meloy-10 acres SMMC 10-29-07

Yerba Buena-Little sycamore cyn --18 acre donation

117 acre conservation easement MRCA 5/2/07

Little Sycamore Canyon/West Santa Monica Mountains—donation of 8 acre conservation easement [Staff Report] [Map] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2] MRCA 8/15/2008

Pacific View Rd./Deer Creek Canyon-12 acre conservation easement MRCA 2-7-07

Negotiations for Huge addition to Baldwin Hills State Park are Underway; If Bought By Regional Conservation Authority, 2/3rds of Planned Park would be Public-Owned

(Please click on map to enlarge)

The dark green area in the map on the left shows a 296-acre oil field that may be acquired soon by the Baldwin Hills Regional Conservation Authority. Not much info is available except that the Authority discussed the sale at its June 28, 2007 meeting. The sagebrush covered parcel would extend the State park so that the public would have hiking trails with views of both downtown L.A. and the Pacific Ocean. For more information, see or

The Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail is Almost Finished!

Linking almost 60 miles of connected parkland from the San Diego Freeway to Point Mugu State Park in Ventura County,
the last two miles are under "construction" by the National Parks Service. When I last hiked it in April 2007, only the portion near Mulholland Highway was not finished, as minor stream crossings and drainage pipes under the trail were not installed. Also, watch out for the two guard dogs at Lucky Ranch, just to the east, as the fence does not keep them inside.

(Click on map to enlarge)

Red Rock Canyon Park in Topanga


March 2007: Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) owns approximately 1200 acres of
vacant land in Elsmere Canyon and has offered to donate the northerly 400 acres
to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. This property connects the thousands of acres of parks in the Santa Monica Mountains, Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains with the Angeles National Forest and parks in the east half of L.A. County! This pinch point is just north of Sylmar and Granada Hills and south of Santa Clarita.

The Elsmere parcel is in the center of the map below, immediately east of the 14 freeway icon. The green shaded land is public parkland. The red shaded parcels are from a year 2000 map of proposed purchases by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. (click on maps to enlarge)




The Rim of the Valley Trail System and its Parklands

(Please click on any map to enlarge)

Proposed Additions to the Rim of the Valley Parks

The National Park Service map of the Santa Monica Mountains--does not include all State and local parks

The Backbone Trail


For maps of L.A. area mountain parks,

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, by the California State Legislature in 1980; Since that time, it has helped to preserve over 55,000 acres of parkland in both wilderness and urban settings. Through direct action, alliances, partnerships, and joint powers authorities, the Conservancy's mission is to strategically buy back, preserve, protect, restore, and enhance treasured pieces of Southern California to form an interlinking system of urban, rural and river parks, open space, trails, and wildlife habitats that are easily accessible to the general public.

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority,
The MRCA is a local partnership between the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, which is a state agency established by the Legislature, and the Conejo Recreation and Park District and the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District both of which are local park agencies established by the vote of the people in those communities. to save the Mountclef Ridge Wildlife Corridor.This Habitat Linkage runs along the north side of the City of Thousand Oaks in the County of Ventura. It has been scientifically documented for many years.

Save Open Space/S.M. Mountains,
Working to preserve the Santa Monica Mountains and the Simi Hills
, working to preserve Ladyface Mountain and the Medea Creek Valley in and adjaent to the City of Agoura Hills
Fighting a proposed bed and breakfast inn next to Malibu Creek State Park

Mountains Restoration Trust,
owns and manages more than 1,200 acres in the Cold Creek watershed of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Trust's most significant holdings are the Cold Creek Canyon Preserve (1000+ acres) and the Cold Creek Valley Preserve (67 acres), located on the north slope of Saddle Peak.

Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations,
protects the property and the quality of life of residents of the Santa Monica Mountains and other hillside areas of Los Angeles

Canyonback Alliance,
Preserved the public’s right to hike on the Kenter and Mount St. Mary’s trails from Brentwood to Mulholland Drive
works to protect and enhance the quality of life in Mandeville Canyon and the beauty of the open space surrounding the canyon
Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council, dedicated to establishing and maintaining the public trail system throughout the Santa Monica Mountains

SAVE CHATSWORTH, INC. is a coalition of homeowners and local non-profit organizations, dedicated to saving Chatsworth from excessive, irresponsible development. Save Chatsworth, Inc. was founded in July of 2002, with the mission “to ensure that all future development remains consistent with the existing rural character and heritage of Chatsworth.”
NORTH L.A. COUNTY/Antelope, Santa Clarita:

Parks Linkages Priorities are in red--CLICK TO ENLARGE

To read the Santa Clara River - Upper Watershed Conservation Plan, click here

Below is a close-up of the Linkage needed between the two halves of the Angeles National Forest

Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment,
The County has approved projects which would effectively double the population of the valley in the next decade, and looming on the horizon is the largest single development proposal in Los Angeles County history: The Newhall Ranch Project.

Friends of Santa Clara River, to the protection, enhancement and management of the resources of the Santa Clara River, which flows approximately 100 miles from Acton, California to the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Clara is one of only two natural river systems remaining in Southern California
City of Santa Clarita open space preservation district
Land sits at the environmental crossroads of the State. The coalition is working to save 245,000 acres — a swath of land bigger than Chicago and Philadelphia combined-- out of Central California’s 270,000 acre Tejon Ranch. The Tehachapi Connection is perhaps our most important linkage in that it is the sole wildland connection between two major mountain systems--the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra Madre and the Coast Ranges.

Safe Action for the Environment,
Dedicated to preventing the Cemex/Southdown/Transit Mixed mine from opening in the Santa Clarita Valley


Friends of the Verdugos,
Working to preserve open spaces in the Verdugo Mountains and San Rafael Hills

Fond Land Preservation Foundation, Within our first year, the Fond Land Preservation Foundation was able to secure the right to acquire approximately 500 acres of open space in Los Angeles County's Verdugo Mountains. Formerly known as "Major's Ranch", the land features a ridgeline reaching 1800 feet tall and serves as the wildlife migration corridor between La Tuna Canyon and Tujunga Wash. It is one of the largest intact wild areas within the City of Los Angeles. This land, which consists of chaparral and riparian vegetation is suitable for hiking and riding trails. In honor of our founders, Charles Fond and his daughter Rosemary Ann Fond, the area will be dedicated as the Charles and Rosemary Ann Fond Wilderness Area.

San Gabriel and Lower L.A. Rivers and Mountains Conservancy,

State agency that preserves open space and habitat in eastern Los Angeles County and western Orange County.
Claremont Wildlands Conservancy,

Led successful efforts to save hillsides north of the college town of Claremont.

Altadena Foothills Conservancy,
The primary purpose of the Altadena Foothills Conservancy (AFC) is the preservation of land in Altadena, California, focusing on the natural foothills that provide a buffer between developed residential neighborhoods and the rugged San Gabriel Mountains. about Hiking, Mountain Bike and Equestrian Trails in the Altadena Foothills at the foot of the San Gabriel range, 15 miles north of Los Angeles.

San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy,

Reconnecting the San Gabriel Valley: A Planning Approach for the Creation of Interconnected urban Wildlife Corridor Networks

Glendora Community Conservancy,

Preserving habitat of the brodiaea filifolia

Foothills Wildlife Conservancy,
To preserve hillsides in Arcadia, Sierra Madre and Monrovia Emerald Necklace is a vision for a 17 mile loop of parks and greenways connecting 10 cities and nearly 500,000 residents along the Río Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers nestled in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, unifying more than 1,500 acres of parks and open spaces along an interconnected greenway around two major urban rivers.


Friends of the L.A. River, founded in 1986 to protect and restore the natural and historic heritage of the Los Angeles River and its riparian habitat through inclusive planning, education and wise stewardship.
The River Project organized the Coalition for a State Park at Taylor Yard and led the successful fight to establish the first state park on the Los Angeles River. We have undertaken a comprehensive study of the Tujunga Wash subwatershed, and are actively engaged in the design and development of several river greenway parks in the San Fernando Valley.

Ballona Network, seeks to facilitate the creation of a contiguous urban open space greenway from the emerging Los Angeles River and Arroyo Seco greenways to Ballona and the Sea
Ballona Ecosystem Education Project,

Litigation and Education to Protect the remaining Open Spaces of the Ballona, Baldwin Hills and El Segundo Dunes ecosystem since 1993
Ballona Wetlands Land Trust,, founded in 1994, is a non-profit community organization dedicated to facilitating the public acquisition, restoration and preservation of the entire 1,087 acre Ballona Wetlands ecosystem, including salt and fresh water wetlands, dunes, bluffs and upland habitat.

the Grassroots Coalition,
works for full disclosure of health and safety issues of toxic oil field contamination in the Ballona Wetlands region

Baldwin Hills Conservancy,
State agency that acquires open space and manages public lands within the Baldwin Hills area to provide recreation, restoration and protection of wildlife habitat

Palos Verdes Peninsula land preserves
Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy,

Worked with the City which recently purchased most of the remaining open space on the south side of the Peninsula. This led to the creation of the Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve, 1200 acres in Rancho Palos Verdes now managed by the Conservancy. In addition to the Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve, the Land Conservancy owns or manages the Linden H. Chandler and George F Canyon Preserves in Rolling Hills Estates and the White Point Nature Preserve and habitat restoration on the Defense Fuel Supply Point in San Pedro.

Urban Wildlands Group,, dedicated to the conservation of species, habitats, and ecological processes in urban and urbanizing areas.

Proposed Pacific Avenue Creek in San Pedro Business district

Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority--agency that is negotiating the purchase of the Los Cerritos and nearby Hellman ranch wetlands
Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust,
Where the San Gabriel River meets the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach, with 776 acres remaining available for restoration, the Los Cerritos Wetlands' one-of-a-kind coastal ecosystem struggles to remain the vital link in protecting some of Southern California's most precious and diverse resources.

Catalina Island Conservancy,
In 1972, members of the Wrigley and Offield family established the Catalina Island Conservancy as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Catalina Island. On February 15, 1975, the final step was taken to ensure the protection of the majority of the Island when Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Wrigley and Mrs. Dorothy Wrigley Offield, through the Santa Catalina Island Company, deeded 42,135 acres of the Island to the Conservancy. With this gift, the conservation and preservation of most of Catalina's interior and 48 miles of its coastline were given permanent status in perpetuity under sole stewardship by the Conservancy. Prior to this, in 1974, they entered into a 50-year open space agreement with Los Angeles County, guaranteeing public recreational and educational use of 41,000 acres of Santa Catalina Island, consistent with good land conservation practices.

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