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Friday, August 28, 2020

Assorted State-Forests and Fires-Funded Land Purchases

 2017-2019 CAL FIRE Forest Health Grant Awardees




762 acre Grizzly Creek forest CE (PURCHASE OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS WITH A CONSERVATION EASEMENT, LAND REMAINS PRIVATE) in Humboldt county, $1.2 million to Sean and Kathryn O'Day

-CalFire 7/2017 to 6/2018

--Forest Legacy Program granted $995,000 to purchase,


restoration work on 484 acres; A part of 11,000 acres of existing CE's in Humboldt county, Redwoods to the Sea Corridor/Mattole River watershed; CalFire 7/2017 to 6/2018


purchase of 49 acre Forsyth-inholding addition to Arcata community forest, grantee: City of Arcata. $227,000. (expansion of community forest began in 2006, adding 559 acres)


-CalFire 7/2017 to 6/2018