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Monday, January 30, 2023

Karuk Tribe Gets Land Back on Hwy 96

Biden and Congress Return 1000 Acres to North Coast Tribe

On January 6, in a rare act of unity for a very divided federal government, President Joe Biden signed into law an act returning the center of the world to the Karuk Tribe. Eight years in the making, the Katimiîn and Ameekyáaraam Sacred Lands Act took roughly 1000 acres of land hugging the shores along the confluence of the Klamath and Salmon Rivers near the border between Humboldt and Siskiyou Counties and placed it in trust for the Tribe.

The land has previously been managed by the US Forest Service. In 1850, the California legislature passed the Act for the Government and Protection of Indians which, among other things (including establishing indentured servitude and laying the groundwork for genocide), facilitated the removal and displacement of Indigenous Californians from their ancestral lands. By the time that the first seeds of what would become the US Forest Service were planted in the late 1800s due to exploitation of the forests by miners and loggers, the original stewards of the lands that would come to be managed by the federal government had already been forcibly removed. For perspective, the Tribe’s ancestral territory encompasses over one million acres, 95 percent of which is currently occupied by the US Forest Service, so although this act of land return is cause for celebration, it is a mere fraction of the territory historically inhabited by the tribe...


SCC 2/2023

 Coastal Conservancy to Fund $7 million purchase in East SF Bay

disburse up to $7,000,000 to East Bay Regional Park District to acquire the 768-acre Finley Road Ranch Property in Contra Costa County for purposes of protecting, restoring, and enhancing natural and scenic resources, including wildlife corridors and habitat; improving landscape resilience related to climate change; preserving open space; providing public access and recreational use compatible with the protection, restoration, and enhancement of natural and scenic resources; and providing a public entry staging area for parks on the southern side of Mount Diablo

Total price is $11.3 million, including $4.3 million in non-State funds

for uncropped map:

WCB 2/2023

CA Wildlife Land Deals.....

February 16, 2023, 10:00 a.m.
Natural Resources Building, First Floor Auditorium 715 P Street Sacramento, CA 95814

agenda and maps:


Escondido Falls $1,500,000 in Los Angeles County
grant to Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority to acquire 88± acres. Total price: $4.8 million

Topanga Lagoon Restoration Planning $4,946,000 in Los Angeles County
a grant to the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains for a cooperative planning project with CDFW, State Coastal Conservancy, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and Caltrans to develop the technical studies, environmental review and outreach necessary to restore the Topanga Lagoon


Fay Creek Ranch $3,360,000 in Kern County
grant to Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC) for a cooperative project with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy to acquire 2,285± acres near the community of Weldon. WITHDRAWN FROM AGENDA

Kramer Ranch Conservation Easement $1,356,788 in Lassen and Modoc Counties
grant to California Rangeland Trust for a cooperative project with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to acquire a conservation easement over 4,922± acres near the community of Bieber
Total price: $2.96 million

Yanci Ranch $0 in Yolo County
to subgrant federal funds to the Yolo Habitat Conservancy to acquire a conservation easement over 795 ± acres. Total price: $1.3 million

Barber Creek $240,000 in Alpine County
acquisition of 66± acres of land by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)

Bufford Ranch Conservation Easement, Expansion 2, $95,000 in Kern County
grant to California Rangeland Trust to acquire a conservation easement over 64.99± acres of land located in Caliente. Total price $100,000


Monitor Island Transfer $0 in Lake County
no cost transfer of 4± acres of land by CDFW to Lake County Land Trust


San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, Expansion 6 (Geis) $413,000 in San Diego County
acquisition in fee of 50± acres of land as an expansion to CDFW’s San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area


Silacci Ranch Conservation Easement $2,010,000 in Monterey and San Benito Counties
grant to California Rangeland Trust for a cooperative project with the Department of Conservation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to acquire an agricultural conservation easement over 9,418± acres near the city of Salinas. Total price: $8.5 million


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