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Monday, September 23, 2019

WCB 8/2019

State Buys 7300 acres of Development Rights and 1300 acres in full
(Wildlife Conservation Board meeting   August 28, 2019)

for more details and maps:


Hornitos Ranch Conservation Easement, Mariposa County, $98,944
grant to Sierra Foothill Conservancy for a cooperative project with CDFW, the California Department of Conservation, and the California Wildlife Foundation to acquire a conservation easement over 7,100± acres located near Hornitos, in Mariposa County


Ash Creek Wildlife Area Land Exchange, Lassen County $0
exchange of 139± acres owned by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) for 100± acres owned by Peter and Lynn Gerig to serve as a consolidation and floodplain restoration of CDFW’s Ash Creek Wildlife Area, located near Bieber in Lassen County.

Arrowhead Ridge,CAL FIRE Conservation Easement,San Bernardino County, $0
acceptance of a conservation easement by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection on 78± acres located near Lake Arrowhead in San Bernardino County

Hearthstone Quitclaim, Ventura County $0
To consider the sale of a 1.6± access easement by CDFW to an adjacent landowner for the purpose of enhancing management of CDFW lands near Filmore in Ventura County.

Mendenhall Ranch Conservation Easement, San Diego County, $61,250
grant to the California Rangeland Trust for a cooperative project with the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Natural Resources Conservation Service to acquire a conservation easement over 118± acres of land for the protection of a working landscape located in an area known as Mendenhall Valley in north San Diego County.

Franklin Ridge, Expansion 2, Contra Costa County, $2,000,000
grant to the John Muir Land Trust for a cooperative project with the East Bay Regional Park District to acquire in fee 281± acres and assist in the expansion of the Bay Area Ridge Trail Corridor located near the City of Martinez, in Contra Costa County.

Mormon Meadows, Mono County $1,320,000
To consider the allocation for a grant to the Wilderness Land Trust to acquire in fee 960± acres located near Bridgeport in Mono County.

Colton Sand Dunes, San Bernardino County $1,934,000
To consider the allocation for a grant to Rivers & Lands Conservancy (RLC) and the acceptance of two USFWS Habitat Conservation Plan Land Acquisition grants and the approval to sub-grant these federal funds to RLC to acquire in fee 34± acres located in the City of Colton in San Bernardino County.

Liberty Canyon Wildlife Underpass (enhancement) Project, Los Angeles County $390,000
To consider the allocation for a grant to the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains for a cooperative project with Caltrans, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy,and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority to improve the ability of wildlife to cross U.S. Highway 101 by restoring and enhancing an existing wildlife undercrossing that was damaged in the 2019 Woolsey Fire, located approximately nine miles east of Thousand Oaks in Los Angeles County. (NOTE THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN THE PROPOSED WILDLIFE BRIDGE BETWEEN LIBERTY AND PALO COMADO CANYONS)

Mission Center, San Diego County, $1,600,000
To consider the allocation for a grant to the Endangered Habitats Conservancy to acquire in fee 42± acres located near the City of San Diegoin San Diego County.

SCC 8/2019

Land Purchases at the Coastal Conservancy Public Meeting in Sausalito – August 22


$200,000 to the Sonoma Land Trust to acquire the 54-acre Cooper Creek Addition in Sonoma County.(PROPERTY IS IN RED ON THE MAP)


SANTA ANA RIVER-RIVERSIDE GATEWAY PARK: $2,025,000 to the City of Riverside for (1) the acquisition of 4 acres at 5200 Tequesquite Avenue in the City of Riverside in Riverside County, and (2) the preparation of designs, engineering, and environmental documentation for 9 projects along 4.7 miles of the Santa Ana River Parkway, from Fairmount Park to Martha McLean Anza Narrows Park, in the City of Riverside in Riverside County. 

SMMC-MRCA 6/24 to 9/23/2019

LA Mountain Parks News: A few new parks, a few new development threats


OLD TOPANGA, 46 acres-authorizing: (a) the acquisition of APNs 4438-017-008, 011, 012 and 4438-036-001 (approximately 46 acres), Old Topanga Canyon area, [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map] MRCA 7/3/2019


4.5 acres private land inside of Runyan Canyon park-comment letter to the City of Los Angeles on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed 3003 Runyon Canyon Project (env-2016-4180-eir), [Attachment] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Comment Letter] SMMC 9/23/2019

CALABASAS-exchange of an approximately 300-foot-long above ground waterline easement over APN 4455-012-901 to exclusively benefit APN 4455-014-002 with one habitatable structure and landscaping at 2831 Stokes Canyon Road in exchange for an access easement and a conservation easement over a minimum 20 acre portion of APN 4455-014-002, Stokes Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [8-7-19 Item X Staff Report] [8-7-19 Item X Res # 19-128] [Item X map1] [Item X map2] MRCA 8/7/2019

HOLLYWOOD HILLS: authorizing the fee simple sale of a less than 0.1-acre portion of APN 5570-021-905 and fee simple acceptance of an equal or greater area of APN 5570-024-063 to address an encroachment from 7721 Firenze Avenue, Briar Summit Open Space Preserve, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map] [Map 2] MRCA 7/3/2019

VERDUGO MOUNTAINS: visitor facilities on dedicated and acquired open space within the former Verdugo Hills golf course, La Tuna Canyon, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3] SMMC 8/26/2019 [8-7-19 Item VI(f) Staff Report] [8-7-19 Item VI(f) Res # 19-124] [VI(f) attachment] MRCA 8/7/2019

MALIBU/TRANCAS: acceptance of the offer to dedicate trail easement associated with Coastal Development Permit No. 05-160 (McKeen), incorporated and unincorporated Malibu. [8-7-19 Item VI(b) Staff Report] [8-7-19 Item VI(b) Res # 19-120] [Item VIb map] MRCA 8/7/2019



CHATSWORTH: acceptance of donation of APN 2819-004-027, approximately 0.1 acres, Browns Canyon, City of Los Angeles. [8-7-19 Item VI(c) Staff Report] [8-7-19 Item VI(c) Res # 19-121] [Item VIc map] MRCA 8/7/2019

CASTAIC: comment letter to the County of Los Angeles on the Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the 114 acre, 222 homes Sterling Ranch Estates Residential Project, unincorporated Val Verde, County of Los Angeles. [Comment Letter] [Resolution] [Maps] SMMC 8/26/2019

MOORPARK: comment letter to the City of Moorpark on the Notice of Preparation for an Environmental Impact Report for the 270 acre, 755 home Hitch Ranch Specific Plan, Santa Susana Mountains. [Comment Letter] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map 1] [Map 2] SMMC 8/26/2019


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