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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pave the Bay?


Growing rebellion against Cargill plan in West SF Bay; developer calls it a 50-50 plan: 50% developed, 50% preserved open space

From savesfbay 10/28/2009

Several Peninsula leaders have recently publicly opposed Cargill's plan to build a mini-city on the Bay.

In an important opinion piece, Palo Alto City Council member Yoriko Kishimoto calls out Cargill's plan as a grave threat to the Peninsula's future. And a recent article reports that the Menlo Park City Council is moving to declare the project an environmental hazard to the region. Meanwhile, Redwood City resident Marsha Cohen's op-ed expresses concern that the city being too secretive about the project.

The Redwood City Council is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to determine whether Cargill's development application should move forward; although many leaders on the Peninsula have found a much cheaper answer: it should be dead on arrival.

Click here for more information and to sign our petition to save the Redwood City Salt Ponds.

Cargill paves the way to pave the Bay


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