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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Orange County's green vision...

What a green vision plan looks like in a county that's built-out:

Click on the map to enlarge.

to see the full size, 16 megabyte version of this map, click here:

The areas in red shading are currently threatened with development. Notice how there's very little left that's threatened. Orange County had its last big bulldozer binge starting 20 years ago when the Irvine Company which owned the middle 1/5th of the county decided to try to pave the hills that surrounded their former orange groves, which they had paved in the previous 15 years. After long battles, the Irvine co.settled for a few choice hilltop spots and the rest is in green shading on the map.

Two coastal marsh battles in Huntington and Seal Beach resulted in around 95% of the land being saved. In far south county, eco groups cut a deal to save 3/4ths of the huge Rancho Mission Viejo, in exchange for letting the firm build 25,000 homes someday.

The battles for the last remaining parcels are continuing, Here are links to the groups doing the work:

and their blog

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