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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coast and Ocean mag is no more...sort of...

State Ends publication of the Coastal Conservancy's Magazine

Originally begun as "California Waterfront Age" in 1985, this quarterly magazine chronicled the State's efforts to save open spaces and restore wildlife habitats and expand public access to the coastline. Likely a victim of our state's vanishing budget, their website says that something will eventually be published again, but most likely it will be on-line. Luckily, their massive archives of stories and back issues, at least from 1996 to the late 2009 issue, are available at their website. They are promising to get the earlier 11 years of issues up on the site soon.

It's possible that a successor to this magazine will materialize, mostly on line. If you want us to let you know about that, or any other related development, please send your e-mail address to with a note saying you want to be notified.

index of all issues 1985 to 2009

back issues 2005-2009 back issues 1996-2008

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