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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feds don't agree with Lennar's River wrecking plan in North L.A. County...

EPA Opposes Channelization of North L.A.'s Santa Clara River

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The Santa Clara River is the last wild river in Los Angeles County and is designated a Significant Ecological Area in the LA County General Plan.

Beginning in the wilderness of the San Gabriel Mountains, it meanders 116 miles to the coast in Ventura. West of the I-5 freeway, its varied habitat supports several endangered species of birds, fish and amphibians, as well as orchards, strawberries and other row crops. Oak groves dot the hillsides above the farmland, providing shelter for local wildlife. Recently, Lennar Corp./Newhall applied for a river alteration permit that would channel the river, add 19 million cubic yards of fill to the flood plain and concrete 80% of the tributaries to enable its 21,000 unit Newhall Ranch project.

After strong objections from environmental organizations including SCOPE, the
Environmental Protection Agency stated it would request denial of the current permit

What we did in 2009

Reviewed, commented on and appeared at hearings for over fifteen different projects including Newhall Ranch River Permit, General Plan Update, Henry Mayo Office Expansion, Lyons Ranch, water plans and various projects impacting the Santa Clara River floodplain, endangered species, air & water quality, and water supplies.

January-- mentored students participating in COC Community Service Program

April-- Information booth at city Earth Day Celebration

May-- SCOPE objects to Lyons Canyon Senior housing in a high fire hazard area

June --organized rally to protest Lennar/Newhall’s permit to channel the SC river and 80% of its tributaries

August-- Met with state agency to ensure clean up of contaminated sites in Santa Clarita

September-- Information booth at River Rally

October --Hosted Lung Assoc. presentation on air Quality/landuse and health

November--SCOPE continues action to guarantee quality health care for our community while protecting neighborhoods

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