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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Land Trust in our State's capitol needs $$$...

Sacramento Valley Conservancy Wishes You and Your Family A Prosperous New Year

12/2009--Help us Protect Life at Deer Creek Hills

Deer Creek Hills Oak Woodland Preserve and Working Ranch ranks as one of the most special places I have ever seen—the nature of the place makes it virtually magic. But it is real. You now can help it grow by adding a linear mile of Deer Creek and 375 acres, providing precious water and refuge for wildlife, new vistas and trails for future generations to discover and explore, and more stunning beauty for all of us to enjoy—so close to home.

Together, we must raise $3.7M over three years to save this critical link to connect Deer Creek Hills to the American River. Without it, the link will be broken. Opportunities to protect precious land come once in a lifetime. The time is now.

We know we can do it with your help, since you already helped us accomplish what many considered impossible. Together, we already raised $11.4 million in three years to protect 4,062 acres, building lasting partnerships with over 1,000 local individual donors, 100 docent volunteers and over 16 institutional funders. Total Acreage Protected by our organization: 10,915. Without your help, the opportunity to save our legacy land and water will be lost.

Help us today by making the most generous year-end donation possible for you in these challenging times.

Thank you so much! Aimee B. Rutledge, Executive Director

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