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Friday, July 2, 2010

Facts about California's Mountain Lion Protection law...

Big Cat Protection saves habitat for all critters

Fact: In addition to banning the trophy hunting of mountain lions, Proposition117 directs the California State legislature to allocate a minimum of $30million annually for thirty years towards the acquisition of critical habitat
for all of the state's wildlife. Since the Mountain Lion Foundation is not in the land acquisition business, none of these funds benefit our organization.

To date, Proposition 117 has helped acquire and protect over 2 million acres of critical habitat. Below is a breakdown of those acquisitions:

305,183 acres for the protection of mountain lion and deer habitat.
337,744 acres for the protection of special status species and significant habitat areas.
267,261 acres for protection and restoration of wetlands habitat.
1,170,649 acres for protection and restoration of fisheries and riparian habitat.
143,221 acres of corridors, trails, and for interpretive programs.

2,224,058 Total Acres Protected

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