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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another 215 acre farm is saved in Marin...

Mazzucchi Ranch Becomes MALT Easement 66

7/9/2010--Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) has purchased an agricultural conservation easement on the 215-acre Mazzucchi Ranch located in Marin County just south of Valley Ford. Owners Stan Mazzucchi and his sister Loretta Bidaurreta currently live on the property, which has been in their family for generations. Located near the border of the Estero Americano, the property has been a family-run sheep ranch as long as Stan can remember.

MALT paid $424,000 for the easement based on an independent appraisal, with all of the funds raised from MALT supporters. The sale of an agricultural conservation easement to MALT will enable Stan, his wife Sally, daughters Emily and Jodie, and nephew Casey Mazzucchi to continue to run 300 head of sheep on the ranch, and to make improvements to expand the operation and maintain the high quality of the ranch infrastructure.

The ridge tops of the ranch afford exemplary views of the Estero Americano, with reports of visions of Mount Saint Helena on clear days. The significant scenic value of the property might have made the ranch a prime target for a developer for subdivision into estate ranchettes. Under the Marin Agricultural Land Trust conservation easement, the development rights have been extinguished, and the land can never be subdivided; the ranch is permanently protected for agricultural use.

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