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Monday, September 14, 2009

Water Hogs will not be fed this time...

Steinberg's Efforts to Revamp California Water Policy Thwarted
12/12/2009--Broad Coalition Protects the Delta

Restore the Delta volunteers, friends, and supporters, heard the calls last week and worked diligently to help stop the inadequate Delta policy package and bond bill developed in back door negotiations between Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, a handful of non-Delta legislators, the Metropolitan Water District, Westlands Water District, and a few corporate environmental organizations who have chosen to ignore Delta fishery representatives and Delta communities.

The policy package was withdrawn from consideration late Friday night by proponent Assembly Member Jared Huffman, while Restore the Delta supporters and friends from other environmental organizations were meeting with legislators throughout the Capitol. It is also our understanding that at the same time Senator Steinberg could simply not pull together adequate support for the bond bill.

Before we launch into our long lists of thanks and praise for all who contributed to this effort, we must remember that this is simply a brief respite in what will prove to be a long and drawn out political process. That is why in the days ahead Restore the Delta will be making a series of announcements as to what we must see included in future legislative efforts to restore the Delta.

We are thankful to the over 1000 supporters who sent letters and made calls this last week. You are what this movement is all about. We are grateful to the following supporters, friends, and colleagues for all that they have done to help during this summer's extended campaign effort. It is an honor to work with all of you.

(List is in random order. And we may miss a few people here. Mea culpa in advance.)

Jane Wagner-Tyack, Jessica Iniquez, Margot Tyack, Russ Fisher, Mike Robinson, Roger Mammon, Bob Ferguson, Rogene Reynolds, Barbara Daly, Kim Glassard, Bill Jennings, Jerry Neuberger, Gary Adams, Mike ? from California Striped Bass, Roger from Organic Sacramento, David Scatena, Dave Hurley, Assembly Member Mariko Yamada, Assembly Member Joan Buchanan, Senator Mike Machado (ret), John Herrick, John Banks, Brett Baker, Dante Nomellini Sr., Dan Nomellini Jr., Debbie Davis, Jim Metropulos, Charlotte Hodde, Steve Evans, Jennifer Clary, David Nesmith, Michael Jackson, Tom Zuckerman, Dino Cortopassi, Klein Family Farms, Jarred Foster, Bill Wells, Dave Cobb, Norma Cobb, Tim Neuharth, Bruce Connelly, Larry Collins, Lieutenant Governor Mike Hudson, Marc Franko, Izzy Martin, Assembly Member Bill Berryhill, Senator Mark DeSaulnier, Robert Johnson, Dan Bacher, Rudy Mussi, Mindy McIntyre, Jonas Minton, Susan Treabess, Kathryn Gray, Joseph Gray, all our donors, Mantelli Brothers, Speckman Family Farmers, Ridge Tract Farms, Assembly Member Alyson Huber. And a special, special thanks to the "Defender of the Delta," Senator Lois Wolk!

May you all rest, play, rejoice, and prepare for what's next.

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