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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sierra Clearcutter backs off after being sued...

Timber Giant Drops Logging Plans After Suit

(area planned for wipe-out was very small compared to Sierra Pacific's eventual plans to clearcut 1 million of its 1.5 million acres in California: useful SPI watch site


8/26/2009--The state's largest timber company has withdrawn plans to log certain forests in the Sierra Nevada mountains, a week after the Center for Biological Diversity challenged the plans' climate change impacts in court.

The environmental group contested three separate plans by Sierra Pacific Industries to clear-cut more than 1,600 acres of Sierra Nevada forest. The suits allege state regulators violated the California Environmental Quality Act by failing to adequately look at the greenhouse gas emissions that result from clear-cutting, a logging practice that involves cutting down every tree in a designated area….

…The Tuscon, Ariz.-based environmental group filed three lawsuits in superior courts in Lassen, Tuolumne, and Tehama Counties in the past two weeks. Sierra Pacific officially withdrew the three challenged plans on Friday, according to Upton.

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