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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Schwarzennegger budget proposal threatens SF Bay Protection...

State Budget Proposal Slashes Bay Conservation Agency: Take Action!

6/4/2009--Take Action

Help rescue the vital and effective San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) from the Governor's chopping block. BCDC was created in 1965 by the hard work of Save The Bay supporters appalled at unregulated development that had already filled in and diked off one-third of the Bay. Today, BCDC helps protect the Bay from shoreline development and ensures public access for recreation. But Governor Schwarzenegger's proposed budget would eliminate BCDC as a state agency. Contact your legislator today to preserve this important agency.

BCDC's work over the last four decades has made the Bay cleaner and healthier, provided millions of dollars in economic benefits annually from tourism and commerce, and preserved recreation and beauty for the region.

BCDC has: Supported wetland restoration and prevented landfill, making the Bay thousands of acres larger. Authorized over $16.4 billion in shoreline development. Opened up new public access for trails, parks and water recreation along the Bay shoreline. Established a Bay Plan to encourage commerce and recreation while protecting sensitive areas. Become an international leader in addressing sea level rise impacts caused by global climate change.

A history of Bay protection

More than four decades ago, Save The Bay led the effort to create BCDC as the first coastal zone management agency in the nation. In 1965, the state enacted a moratorium on the devastating practice of massive Bay filling that had already reduced the Bay's size by one-third. We stopped the Bay from being narrowed to a river by convincing the legislature and governor to make BCDC a permanent regulatory agency in 1969.

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