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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finishing the American River Trail...

Final piece added to Trail east of Sacramento

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6/21/2009--...This is the prized final piece to what will likely become a recreational wonderland along some of Northern California's most dazzling river canyons, and it's something the BLM and the American River Conservancy have been working on for 20 years.When this chunk of trail is completed and opened – maybe in 2010, maybe 2011, depending on whether you're talking to the optimists or the pessimists in the process – there will be a hiking, biking and equestrian (in spots) path from Coloma and the place gold was discovered all the way to Old Sacramento.

The last riverfront parcel was bought by the nonprofit ARC in February, and that allowed the BLM crew to build a bit more than five miles of new trail. The group raised and spent $23 million on this effort over the years, and donated 3,600 of the 5,600 acres that hold the 20-mile network called the South Fork of the American River Trails System. ("We like the name," Horn said. "We're not thrilled with the acronym.") (SFARTS...tee hee...)

When it's done, these trails will travel from Highway 49 in the east, through the existing Cronan Ranch Park and these newly trailblazed foothill meadows. Then it will hug the river canyon above the American River and then snake down to Salmon Falls Bridge at the top of Folsom Lake. From there, it will connect to the lake's 20,000-acre recreation area, then to the bike and foot trails of the American River Parkway beyond....

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