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Friday, November 9, 2007

Sierra Club and Others Fight Developer Attack on State's Environmental Laws

Son of Prop 90

by Bill Allayaud/Sierra Club California Legislative Office

November 6, 2007

California's environment is under attack again from the "property rights" crowd. Last year, we successfully fought off a statewide ballot initiative, Proposition 90, that used the rhetoric of eminent domain abuse to attempt to undermine a swath of laws protecting our health and environment. Now, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association along with the California Farm Bureau is trying to qualify the "Son of Prop 90" for the June 2008 ballot. Provisions hidden in the text of the Jarvis measure would effectively prohibit laws and regulations that protect our air, land, water, and coasts from pollution, as well as laws that prevent sprawl. The measure would even weaken California's ability to stop global warming. And, they have thrown in a provision that would ban rent control in California, a matter that should be decided by each affected local government. A broad-based coalition of environmentalists, local governments, seniors, business, and labor that defeated Prop 90 last year has formed again to defeat this measure. This coalition is promoting a strong, honest eminent domain reform proposal, which would prevent the government from using eminent domain to take a home to transfer to a developer. In order to qualify this alternative to the Jarvis measure, we need 1.1 million signatures by November 20. We're more than halfway to our goal, but we need your help immediately!

You can sign a petition, or better yet, sign yourself and get nine more people to sign the petition and mail it in. Go to and you will be taken to the webpage where you can order a petition and get the return address for sending it in. I know you care about California's environmental and planning laws, so this is an urgent matter. For more information about the coalition and the two initiatives, please visit

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