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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Palm Springs Voters Reject Project at Base of Mt. San Jacinto Aerial Tramway


We did it!!

Tuesday, the voters of Palm Springs went to the polls and put an
absolute whammy on the Yes on C folks. We received more than a 60% NO
vote in a full landslide over the opposition that put $650,000 into a
campaign that got them just 3846 votes. That’s almost $200 per yes vote.

I will not single out any individuals for special thanks, as each
contributed in his or her own way. We had volunteers who made calls,
contributed money, showed up at events, placed signs, handled our
website, walked door-to-door and all of the other tasks that make for a
successful campaign. Collectively, we demonstrated that not only can you
fight City Hall, you can win!


We will soon have a new City Council who we believe will be more
responsive to our concerns. You can be assured that Save Our Mountains
will not rest on our laurels from this victory, but will continue to
press for the responsible stewardship of our awesome natural resources.

Thanks again for supporting those of us who were in the thick of this
campaign. We hope that we can count on your support continuing into the


Jono Hildner, Chair
Save Our Mountains

November 6, 2007 marks a critical turning point in the fate of Chino Canyon, our magnificent alluvial fan located at the historic entrance to Palm Springs and the gateway to the Aerial Tram and San Jacinto/Santa Rosa National Monument. In 2006, the City Council voted 3-1 to rubber-stamp a 10-year extension to the 1993 Shadowrock Development Agreement for building a massive development in the heart of Chino Canyon. In doing so, they ignored the Planning Commission’s unanimous vote to deny the extension, and betrayed the public trust. A NO vote on Measure C rejects the 10-year extension to this flawed and outdated development agreement.

What’s at stake?

A NO! vote on Measure C
rejects a development agreement that... --Fails to require an assessment to pay for necessary additional police and fire services. --Permits mass grading and over two million cubic yards of cut and fill. --Fails to require a hotel and its promised revenues. --Violates current Chino Cone Ordinance. --Allows above ground utility lines, sewer and water pipes. --Permits ripping out part of the Chino Canyon Oasis.

What’s it going to take? Like the Measures B and C campaign in 2005, the Shadowrock Referendum promises to be a difficult fight. We anticipate that there will be many attempts to confuse and deceive voters and a lot of money spent by the developer and his allies. Two things we know for certain: We need you to vote NO on Measure C We need your personal involvement to win this fight.

Money is always welcome and critical to getting our message out. Volunteering your time or opening up your home to host a coffee for neighbors and friends will also be of immeasurable help to this campaign. Please join in by contributing what you can.

Photos are by Tom Brewster and Greg Day

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