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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

$874 Million is in California Parkland and Habitat Budget for 2007-2008

In the State Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger’s Budget signed August 24th for July 2007-June 2008 there is a total of $874 Million for Parkland and Wildlife Habitat.


Resources Agency---$20.5 million River Parkways

Department of Conservation--$14.9 million CA Farmland Conservancy Program

Department of Forestry--$4.5 million

Department of Water Resources--$99.6 million-- Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plans

State Coastal Conservancy--$3 million
Capital Outlay--$2,000,000
SF Bay Conservancy Program--$1,000,000

Tahoe Conservancy--$11.1 million Conservancy Grants -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wildlife Conservation Board--$383.2 million total
Capital Outlay--$135,000,000
Forest Conservation--$180,000,000
Natural Community Conservation Plans--$25,000,000
Oak Woodlands Program--$14,300,000
Rangeland, Grazing Land, Grasslands Program--$14,300,000
Ecosystem Restoration on Ag Properties--$4,600,000
San Joaquin River Conservancy--$10,000,000

State Coastal Conservancy--$114.7 million total
Capital Outlay--$37,000,000
Ocean Protection Council--$28,000,000
SF Bay Conservancy Program--$23,700,000
Monterey Bay--$9,700,000
San Diego Bay--$6,700,000
Santa Ana River—$9,600,000

Department of Parks and Recreation--$15 million
Opportunity Acquisitions

Department of Water Resources--$34 million total
Flood Corridors Program---$25,000,000
Urban Streams Program--$9,000,000

Department of Forestry--$2.8 million Urban Forestry

Tahoe Conservancy--$27.4 million Capital Outlay

Rivers and Mountains Conservancy--$25 million Capital Outlay

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy--$17 million Capital Outlay

Sierra Nevada Conservancy--$17 million Capital Outlay

Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy--$11.5 million Capital Outlay

Baldwin Hills Conservancy--$3 million Capital Outlay


Wildlife Conservation Board--$30 million Habitat Conservation Fund

Department of Transportation--$10 million Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program

Department of Parks and Recreation--$29.8 million total
Recreational Grants-$11,800,000
OHV Trust Fund-$18,000,000

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