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Saturday, September 24, 2022

New Desert Parks....


(Maps of all purchases are at the end of this post)

8/29/2012 @MojaveDesertLT Coyote Hole property, 111 acres just outside of Joshua Tree Village now within Joshua tree NP


May 30, 2018 @GaryDaigneault1 Native American Land Conservancy is given 30 acres in Joshua tree. San Bernardino County deeds "Coyote Hole" in Joshua Tree, an area with a rich history but the target of repeated vandalism, to Native American caretakers.
The area – known locally as Coyote Hole – was deeded to the county in the late 1970s by the State of California with the intention of utilizing it for flood control. It was never used for the purpose, though, following the discovery of its cultural and historic value


Jul 16, 2018--group buys 80 acres inside Joshua Tree park
It is about one mile from Pinkham Canyon Road near the southern boundary of the park. To date, Mojave Desert Land Trust has acquired 115 parcels of land totaling nearly 7,800 acres; about 75 percent of those parcels have been conveyed to Joshua Tree National Park. There are still 192 privately-owned parcels within Joshua Tree National Park


Oct 10, 2018 @MojaveDesertLT--We are thankful to our partners who made this conservation victory possible. @westernrivers @CaliforniaDFW @USFWS and California Wildlife Conservation Board.
1647 acre Palisades Ranch is bought, Once slated for 1,300 homes & a golf course, south of Barstow


Dec 7, 2018 – 9 parcels totaling 212 acres bought by Mojave Desert LT
To date, MDLT has acquired 6,269 acres within Morongo Basin wildlife corridors.
Dec 10, 2018 @MojaveDesertLT
212 acres in the Morongo Basin wildlife linkage corridor, adding to our "buffer zone" for wildlife between Joshua Tree National Park borders and developed land


Dec 26, 2018 MDLT--599 acres inside Mojave Trails National Monument next to the Bigelow Cholla Garden Wilderness An anonymous donor has purchased nearly 600 acres of key habitat in Southern California from a Las Vegas schoolteacher and deeded it to the Mojave Desert Land Trust.


Feb 12, 2019 @MojaveDesertLT--To date, the Mojave Desert Land Trust has acquired 10,460 acres within Mojave Trails National Monument. Over half of that is within wilderness.


Apr 12, 2019: 265 acres of land within four wilderness areas (W) across the Mojave Desert this Spring. 72 acres: Kingston Range W, 160 acres: Kelso Dunes W; 28 acres: Cleghorn Lakes W; and five acres: Palen McCoy W


May 15, 2019 @GaryDaigneault1: MDLT sells 680 acres of land to Death Valley National Park.
seven tracts of land inside the boundaries of Death Valley National Park—that it had acquired from private owners. The parcels include two tracts totaling about 320 acres in the Owlshead Mountains, along a trail to a former Epsom salt mine; a 55-acre former gold mine in the Panamint Mountains; 160 acres of canyons and ridges overlooking Panamint Valley within the Death Valley National Park Wilderness; 80 acres of salt flats in Saline Valley; 20 acres in Marble Canyon in the northwest corner of the Park where placer miners found gold; and 36 acres of former quartz mining in the Black Mountains.


May 21, 2019 @MojaveDesertLT 595 acres of pristine desert in Juniper Flats. DEAD LINK
in the transition zone between the Apple Valley desert floor and the San Bernardino Mountains, and borders the Juniper Flats National Conservation Lands.


Jul 18, 2019 @MojaveDesertLT 100 acres in the Mojave National Preserve


Jul 29, 2019 @MojaveDesertLT Another 20 ac in Mojave national preserve. 


Aug 12, 2019 @MojaveDesertLT 40 acres of pristine desert, in an area where we are helping preserve the border of Joshua Tree NP


9/18/2019 @MojaveDesertLT in KERN. 1,200 acres where the Mojave meets the Sierras. These lands are home to seven springs


Oct 23, 2019 @MojaveDesertLT 80 acres in Mojave Trails National Monument


Dec 13, 2019 @MyDesert 114 acres at Oswit Canyon. $1 million raised from the community will be paired with roughly $6 m that the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy is in the process of securing.


Jan 8, 2020 @MojaveDesertLT
673 acres have been acquired in Old Woman Mountains and Sheephole Wilderness Areas, Mojave Trails National Monument and the Chemehuevi Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Desert tortoise habitat!


Jan 17, 2020 @MojaveDesertLT Death Valley NPS acquired 680 stunning acres in the Park borders last year


Dec 3, 2020 @Desert_Oracle MDLT purchased 227 acres from Joshua Tree’s Institute of Mentalphysics. It’s behind (north/west) of the retreat center & joins the wildlife corridor from the national park to the Marine base.


Jan 5, 2021 @MojaveDesertLT 40 pristine acres in the Old Woman Mountains Wilderness. To date, we've preserved over 23,000 acres of wilderness in California!


Apr 14, 2021 MDLT: Two more 40-acre parcels now conserved in Mojave Trails National Monument!


Apr 27, 2021 @MojaveDesertLT: 1117-acres, one of the last three remaining private inholdings in the Avawatz Mountains Wilderness


MDLT acquires 43 acres near Hwy 62, hopes to build wildlife crossing. So far, MDLT has acquired 4,585 acres inside of Sand to Snow National Monument and 2,826 of those have been conveyed to the Bureau of Land Management. In total, MDLT has conserved 100,000 acres of California desert.


Oct 6, 2021@MojaveDesertLT
more than 2,000 acres during the first half of 2021; helping us reach a total milestone of 100,000 acres


Dec 20, 2021 @MojaveDesertLT: In 2021, 162 acres between Sand to Snow National Monument in the west and the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center to the east.


Jun 24, 2022 @MojaveDesertLT KERN COUNTY
MDLT and @tpl_org are happy to announce the protection of 1,440 acres of Caliente Creek!


Jun 28, 2022 @MojaveDesertLT
two parcels for a total of 60 acres conserved in Mojave Trails National Monument!

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