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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Showdown This Week Between Schwarzennegger's Dam(n) Bill and Democrats' Water Conservation Plans

October 8, 2007: This week, the California Legislature will decide the future of our rivers and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Will your voice be heard? Only if you email your State Senator TODAY!

In an extraordinary session called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the California Legislature will vote as early as this week on two bills that provide funding for water resource projects in California.

The Bad Plan:

The Governor’s vision of building more river-destroying dams and diverting more freshwater from the already failing Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is embodied in SBX2 3, introduced by Senator Cogdill. This misguided and devious bill places on the February 2008 statewide ballot a budget-busting $9 billion bond measure that will provide $5.6 billion to build three new, costly, and destructive dams in California (for more information about these dams, click here).

The Schwarzenegger-Cogdill bill also allocates nearly $2 billion to increase pumping of freshwater from the Delta, which has already been decimated by freshwater diversions.

The Good Plan:

The President of the State Senate, Don Perata, has introduced an alternative vision for California rivers and the Delta. SBX2 2 would place on the February 2008 ballot a $6.8 billion bond measure that provides $2 billion for local integrated water planning efforts focusing on water use efficiency, recycling, and groundwater clean-up strategies to allow regions to become more self-sufficient in terms of water supply. The bill also provides $2.4 billion to improve Delta sustainability. Senator Perata’s bill specifically prohibits expenditures that would construct new Delta pumping or water transfer facilities. Another $1 billion is provided in the bond for the restoration of the Klamath, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Los Angeles, San Gabriel, Santa Ana, and other rivers in the state.

Email your State Senator TODAY urging “Nay” on SBX2 3 (Cogdill) and “Aye” on SBX2 2 (Perata), The State Senate could vote on these water bond bills as early as Wednesday, October 10, 2007. So write a letter TODAY! For more information, click here or contact Soren Jespersen (x204) or Steve Evans (x221) at (916) 442-3155, or via email at or

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