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Friday, October 12, 2007

Palm Springs-Chino Canyon Battle News

NO on C Campaign Update October 5, 2007

Dear Supporters:

Only one month to go on our campaign to protect Chino Canyon by overturning an extension to the outdated and flawed development agreement with Shadowrock LLC.

The Shadowrock people are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to undermine our efforts with the worn out tactic of the lie campaign. What else can they say? The truth is not on their side.

We stand by every statement we’ve made and have the documents to support them - including a recent report from the City Attorney that validates what we’re saying about the flaws and loopholes in the 1993 Development Agreement that are big enough to drive a bulldozer through. Go to to read this report.

Our job is simply to get the truth out. Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate to the cause – it’s very expensive to get our message in front of voters, especially competing against deep pocketed developers who are inundating voters with their messages

2. Forward this email on to all your friends and colleagues to help spread the word about the NO on C campaign

3. Put up a NO on C yard sign (they'll be ready on Monday for distribution)

4. Write a letter to the editor ( stating why you're voting NO on C

5. Volunteer – there’s much to do!
  • Host a house party! If you can get 8-10 people together at your house, give us a call at 832-6695. We'll be happy to come and speak about the Referendum and show a short film on the Chino Canyon that was screened at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films (for more information see 7. below.)
  • Yard sign assembly and delivery people needed! Call 832-6695 to arrange to help.
6. View VOICES of the CANYON a wonderful film about Chino Canyon that eloquently expresses why the Canyon is worthy of protection.
This film was produced by Friends of Palm Springs Mountains and Juniper Tree Studios. Tell the world to watch this film!

7. Go to
a. to learn more about the campaign so you can share this information with others
b. download a NO on C window poster to hang in a visible place
c. to donate, volunteer and sign up for a yard sign

8. And MOST IMPORTANTLY.... V O T E!! NO on Measure C.

You can also email or call 861-5365

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