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Saturday, December 12, 2020

WCB 11/2020

 Conservation Land Deals by Our State Govt In November

11/2020 WCB agenda; for maps:

(NOTE: CE means purchase of development rights, not outright purchase of the land)


Bouvier ranch 1596 acre CE in Siskiyou county, grant $630,000 to Siskiyou LT (total price 630k)

Buck Mountain mitigation, expansion 1, Humboldt County, 114 acres, no funding required

Scott River Headwaters, Wildcat, 8269 acre CE in Siskiyou County. WCB grant of $2.5.million (total price)

Vanauken Creek CE in Humboldt County, 1320 acres CE, grant to Sanctuary Forest LT. Other funders include: CDFW $1.85 mil, Sanctuary Forest LT $595k, Weeden Foundation $45,000, Grace Us Foundation: $30,000


Telegraph Ridge 2416 acre CE in Colusa County, $498,000 grant (total price) to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Moody ridge in Placer county, grant of $195,000 to Placer land trust, 41 acres bought with $195,000 (TOTAL PRICE)

San joaquin river parkway, Slenders property, purchase 35 acres in Madera county, total grant and price $995,000

SJ River Parkway in Fresno County, transfer of public access easement from CDFW to SJRC (over private landfill)

San Joaquin river parkway, Sumner-Peck Ranch in Fresno County, purchase of 76 acres with WCB grant of $3.6 million to San Joaquin Parkway and Conservation Trust inc. which is providing $96,000


Nicholson Ranch CE, $760,000 grant to Land Conservancy of SLO County to buy 717 acre CE. Additional funds are from Dept of Conservation $1 mil, SCC $600,000




Morongo Basin expansion 9 in San Bernardino County, 79 acres bought with $539,000 from WCB and $95,000 for the Mojave Desert LT

Denk Mtn, expansion 1, $75,000 granted to the Center For Natural Lands Management to buy 6 acres in San Diego County. Funds include $140,000 from USFWS

LeoMar Preserve in San Diego County, 79 acres bought by Escondido Creek Conservancy with $718k from WCB and $1.3 mil from USFWS

San Diego County HCP, White Property, buy 103 acres with $453k granted to the San Dieguito River Valley Land Conservancy which is providing 226k, and USFWS granting $1.6 million

Pilgrim Creek Ecological Preserve, purchase of 61 acres in San Diego County for $1.6 mil from WCB (total funds)

There were no purchases in the special December 2020 meeting

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