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Thursday, June 8, 2017

WCB 5/2017: More CA Park and habitat Land purchases

Projects Funded by CA Wildlife Conservation Board 5/25/2017


Rainbow Ridge, 597 acre conservation easement in Siskiyou County, for $40,000

Simi Hills, purchase of 213 Acres owned by WG Realty, in Ventura County, $600,000

North Shore Ranch, 76 acre purchase in Palm Springs area, Riverside County, $407,000

Maillard Ranch, 11,240 acre conservation easement in Mendocino County, $4.7 million

Carpenter Valley, 600 acre purchase in Nevada County, $3.5 million

Suisun Marsh (Garibaldi) land swap, 278 acres of state land traded for 298 acres now owned by Pacific Flyway Fund, in Solano County, $440,000

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