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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SCC 12/2016 to 2/2017: CA Coastal Land preserves grow

Land Preserves Funded by the CA Coastal Conservancy in Late 2016-Early 2017
ON VENTURA COUNTY'S SANTA CLARA RIVER: Augmentation of the Conservancy’s October 21, 2010 authorization to include the acquisition of 50.17 acres of property commonly known as “A.C. Growers” to implement the Santa Clara River Parkway project in Ventura County. Coastal Conservancy 2/2/2017


IN CARMEL: disburse up to $2 million to the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District for acquisition of approximately 170 acres of the Rancho CaƱada Golf Club along the Carmel River and dedication of instream water rights in Carmel, Monterey County. Coastal Conservancy 12/1/2016


IN SANTA CRUZ: disburse up to $200,000 to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County to acquire fee title to a portion of the170-acre Marywood Property in Scotts Valley and to acquire a conservation easement over the remainder of the property, to protect a wildlife corridor, to enable future establishment of a wildlife undercrossing of Highway 17, and to preserve and enhance the natural resources of the property, Santa Cruz County. Coastal Conservancy 12/1/2016

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