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Thursday, September 8, 2011

L.A. Sierra Club fundraising appeal

Dear Fellow Sierran,
We're fighting locally every day to keep our open space open – and we need your help!

The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter is working to stop poorly planned commercial and residential development that is chipping away at our few remaining nearby ecosystems. 
We must preserve open space for the good of the environment, local residents, and nature’s creatures!
Our ongoing battle to preserve open space takes stamina and coordinated plans of action from our members in L.A. and Orange Counties -- and it also takes money!
Donate now to keep our open space open!
Here are some of the ongoing efforts your donation will support:
  • The Santa Monica Mountains Task Force has been instrumental in blocking the Sweetwater Mesa Development in Malibu where U2 guitarist and international humanitarian The Edge wants to build a residential colony and access roads atop a pristine ridgeline.
  • The Montebello Hills Task Force has intervened to protect the hills from a Texas oil company's plans to build 1,200 homes on the last remaining large area of open space between the Los Angeles River and the Rio Hondo -- a rare coastal sage scrub habitat that is home to the federally-threatened California gnatcatcher and the Red-tailed hawks that soar above.
  • The Banning Ranch Task Force continues to fight residential development on the 412 acres of wetlands and adjacent bluffs in Orange County, and to promote a permanent public open space, park, and coastal nature preserve that will improve air and water quality, and provide space for relaxation, education, and recreation.
  • The Coyote Hills Task Force is promoting a park and reserve with access for recreation and education, instead of the 760 residential units plus a commercial strip proposed by Chevron's developer. This 510-acres is the largest remaining undeveloped wild land site in north Orange County with a host of rare and endangered species and threatened habitats.
  • The Santa Clarita Group Conservation Committee is working to curb the developments planned on Newhall Ranch, including the Landmark Village and Mission Village, in order to protect the last unpaved river in Los Angeles and to preserve more of the remaining pieces of open space in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Please donate today to ensure that these large residential and commercial developments are stopped in their tracks!
Help us preserve our open spaces for the next hundred years. The planet deserves it and so do you!


Hersh Kelley
Chair, Angeles Chapter

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