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Friday, July 22, 2011

900 Acres saved for critters in So-Cal Sprawl-land....and

Orange County studying buying remaining private wildlife areas in county

With at least $42 million available from a transportation bond measure OK'd by voters, Orange County's transportation agency published a list of wild areas they seek to purchase as "mitigation" for various highway projects. Around 3400 acres are on the agency's "high priority" list, and are shown in green on the map below.

In the first wave of purchases, almost 600 acres was saved in Trabuco Canyon in the south end of the county (#'s 22, 56 and 66 on the map below), and 300 acres saved in the city of Brea (Hayashi property--#28 on the map) in the Chino Hills. Here is a report with more details:


history of Chino Hills state park purchases map
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