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Monday, January 3, 2011

3 New Parks in Humboldt County...

Humboldt Bay's 600 Acre South Spit dubbed for Thompson

7/10/2010--Local leaders took the time Friday to honor the contributions of Rep. Mike Thompson toward cleaning up the South Spit and returning it to its former glory as a recreational haven.
The popular stretch of beach, dunes and marsh is now officially known as the Mike Thompson Wildlife Area South Spit Humboldt Bay. In a ceremony on the bluff overlooking the spit, representatives of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the California Department of Fish and Game, county supervisors and others reviewed the history of the area donated to the state by the old Pacific Lumber Co.
Pacific Lumber had a controlling interest in the land since the late 1800s, and company goose and duck hunters treasured the place. The company began to let people stay on the South Spit with RVs, but by the 1980s, the area had become notorious for its crime and squalid conditions. Into the 1990s, the shantytown continued to degrade…

The transfer of the South Spit to public ownership was not in the final version of the Headwaters Forest deal, a three-way swap that transferred the 7,400-acre Headwaters Forest and two smaller groves to the state and federal governments for $480 million.
But Thompson, D-St. Helena, said he pushed then-PL parent company Maxxam CEO Charles Hurwitz to honor a handshake deal and transfer the 600-acre South Spit to the Department of Fish and Game. In 2001, the donation of the land was accepted by the state. Two years later, the South Spit reopened under management of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

2 1/2 miles of beach front saved at the Eel River

Irving and Jean Stone
Sounding Seas Beach Reserve
In 2009, The Wildlands Conservancy (TWC) purchased two-and-a-half miles of ocean frontage and sand dunes that were situated between the beaches at the Eel River Estuary Preserve.


16 More acres for Arcata's Community Forest

Arcata Forest Addition Acquisition
Possible authorization to disburse up to $100,000 to the City of Arcata for acquisition of an approximately 16.3 acre forest property (APN 507-081-032 and 507-081-034) for the purposes of providing public access, preventing fragmentation of forestlands; preserving open space; and protecting water quality and salmonid habitat and a 60′-wide right-of-way easement over the neighboring parcel (APN 057-041-001) for non-motorized public access in the City of Arcata, Humboldt County.


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