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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Plan may save forest east of Eureka...

In Humboldt, New McKay Tract plan hatched: Green Diamond, land trust put forward timber conservation, community forest proposal

excerpted from:

John Driscoll/The Eureka Times-Standard, 12/15/2010

The Green Diamond Resource Co. is working with the Trust for Public Land to craft a plan to protect the 7,500-acre McKay Tract next to Cutten and virtually the entire Ryan Creek watershed from development.
The timber company and the land trust -- which has worked on the Arcata Community Forest's Sunny Brae expansion -- have agreed in concept to use conservation easements that would restrict use of the land east of Ryan Creek to timber harvest and potentially set up a community forest on the west side of the creek. A small portion of the land, 256 acres already out of timber production zoning, could remain available for development...

...Green Diamond -- then Simpson Timber Co. -- bought the tract from Louisiana-Pacific in 1998, when that company sold off its land in California. Green Diamond owns all of the tract aside from Security National Corp.'s 83 acres at the north end of the area, which is zoned for high-density development in the Eureka Community Development Plan, and is listed for sale.
In 2008, Green Diamond had proposed development on nearly 1,000 acres of the tract, and considered a county request to allow a road to run through the property as a means of easing traffic congestion. The plans never got off the ground...

...The trust and Green Diamond expect to present a more detailed plan in the spring.




The two logging plans Green Diamond is operating on in the Jacoby Creek Watershed provide a small example of the systemic clear cutting Green Diamond is engaged in, across their entire 430,000 acre ownership in northern California. In 2004, the century old logging company changed its name from Simpson Timber to Green Diamond, in a strategic greenwashing move. Kamilche Group, a Washington-state based conglomerate and parent company to both Simpson and Green Diamond, also owns California Redwood Company.

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