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Monday, June 28, 2010

Yuba developer agrees to conservation deal...

TPL and Owner of Yuba Highlands Create Conservation Easement

April 13 2010
TPL has worked for several years behind the scenes with the Gallelli Family (owners of the proposed Yuba Highlands project) and multiple public agencies to help create a conservation outcome on Yuba Highlands that should benefit the Spenceville Wildlife Area and Beale Air Force Base.
The idea is to create a conservation easement on as much of the 2,600 acre Yuba Highlands property as funding will allow.

The first parcels on which the easement will be placed are approximately 700 acres along Smartville Road just North of Beale AFB that would link up the two separate areas of Spenceville Wildlife Area. The proposed easement terms would eliminate development rights and allow limited public access consistent with common grazing operations

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