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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Only in L.A.....street medians are "parks"

L.A. River-adjacent developer wants to develop condos on a promised trail corridor, but will landscape the street median

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy opposes L.A. Councilman's plan for 120 condos with no wildlife corridor and trail

excerpted from,0,4427501.story

In Silver Lake, a feud over an open-space corridor
All agree the trail is needed; the question is where. A conservation group wants it to stretch alongside a proposed condo development on Riverside Drive; a councilman wants it along the L.A. River...

The Silver Lake-Echo Park-Elysian Valley Community Plan, approved by the city of Los Angeles in the early 1980s, set aside that parcel as part of an envisioned 5-mile trail between Elysian Park and Griffith Park for hiking and horseback riding...

...Land-use consultant Jim Ries says that the developers will install a 900-foot landscaped median on Riverside Drive — as requested by LaBonge's office and as a goodwill gesture to the neighborhood.

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