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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Berryessa Peak trail is under construction

Yolohikers will soon have a new trail to park between Bay area and Sacramento
New Trail: above Lake Berryessa on the new Berryessa Peak Trail easement, to start constructing the half-mile length of the easement. A private ranch has so graciously donated a public trail easement...
Total distance is 10 miles, round trip, with 2000-foot elevation gain.
When completed, this trail will offer the first open public access to the 9,100-acre Berryessa Peak BLM public lands. Located in Yolo and Napa Counties, this public land was previously inaccessible.  I’d been working for 15 years to raise awareness of these lands and to get agency and landowner approvals for this project, and the time has finally come. We can build it!

Photos of the hike can be seen here:

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