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Saturday, September 12, 2020

WCB 8-2020

 Purchase of Major Link in SF Bay Ridge Trail Funded (#27 on agenda)

Agenda, more details and maps:

27. Tilton Ranch, linkage in the Bay Ridge Trail system, buy 1741 acres in Santa Clara County with $4 million from WCB, $4.9 mil from USFWS, $2 mil from Moore Foundation, and $660k from Santa Clara county for $15.8 mil total


7. Samoa Dunes and Wetlands, purchase 357 acres, grant pf $700,000 added to $625k from SCC, and 669k from CA NRA, total $1.95 million, from Security National Corp

9. CAL FIRE Mailliard East Ranch 3659 acre Conservation Easement in Mendocino County; CalFire get ownership of the CE. Funds: SSRL $668k, NWFW $250k, CA NRA $500,000, FLP 4.2 mil

10. Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area, Expansion 3, buy 231 acres in Plumas County, $369K all from WCB.

11. Middle Fork of the American River, Chapman Canyon, buy 543 acres in Placer County, with $435k all from WCB, to be owned by ARC.

14. Morongo Basin, Expansion 7, buy 29 acres with $89k from WCB, plus $16K FROM THE mdlt

15. Morongo Basin, Expansion 8, BUY 206 acres with $663k from WCB plus $117K FROM mdlt

17. Western Riverside MSHCP (2017) Welsh, buy 19 acres, with $161 k from WCB and $299k from USFWS

18. Otay Mesa Vernal Pool, purchase of about 1 acre for $24k from the WCB and $45k from USFWS

19. Rancho Jamul Land Exchange with developer, 219 acres to developer, 339 acres in fee and 191 acre conservation easement to the State

20. Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains Conservation Area Oswit Property, buy 114 acres for $1.2 million from WWCB and $3.7 mil from USFWS, $1.2 mil from CVMC and $1 mil from Save Oswit Canyon

23. Liberty Canyon Wildlife Overpass Crossing, $5mil from WCB, total cost $83 million

28. Rancho Caleta, buy 38 acres in Colusa County for $608k from WCB

29. Temescal Ranch, purchase 1171 acres in west Santa Clarita Valley in LA County with $818 k from WCB, $500,000 from NFWF, and $281 k from USFWS for total price of $1.6 mil

30. Grinsell Ranch , buy 1278 acres in Napa County with $1 mil from WCB and $250k from the Moore Foundation

31. Carrizo Plains Ecological Reserve, Expansion 6 , buy 624 acres with $1.4mil from WCB

32. Tehachapi–Bear Mountain, buy 3148 acres for $3.5 mil from WCB in Kern County

33. Newland Marsh buy 44 acres in west Orange County with $1.08 mil from WCB, $980k from USFWS, and $400,000 from the State Coastal Conservancy

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