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Monday, September 23, 2019

SCC 8/2019

Land Purchases at the Coastal Conservancy Public Meeting in Sausalito – August 22


$200,000 to the Sonoma Land Trust to acquire the 54-acre Cooper Creek Addition in Sonoma County.(PROPERTY IS IN RED ON THE MAP)


SANTA ANA RIVER-RIVERSIDE GATEWAY PARK: $2,025,000 to the City of Riverside for (1) the acquisition of 4 acres at 5200 Tequesquite Avenue in the City of Riverside in Riverside County, and (2) the preparation of designs, engineering, and environmental documentation for 9 projects along 4.7 miles of the Santa Ana River Parkway, from Fairmount Park to Martha McLean Anza Narrows Park, in the City of Riverside in Riverside County. 

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