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Monday, June 17, 2019

SCC 5/2019

Two Projects Get Funding By CA Coastal Conservancy


FILLMORE 269 ACRES-disburse up to $300,000 to Santa Clara River Conservancy to develop a restoration and public access plan for the 269 acre former California Watercress property on the Santa Clara River east of the town of Fillmore in Ventura County (purchased by the State in 2017). SCC 5/16/2019


WEST MALIBU 136 ACRES-disburse up to $800,000 to the Trust for Public Land for the acquisition of 136 acres of undeveloped land at the headwaters of the north fork of Arroyo Sequit Creek in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Los Angeles County. Total price is $1.6 million (½ of which is coming from LA County); SCC 5/16/2019

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