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Saturday, April 6, 2019

WCB 3/2019

Our State Wildlife Board Financed Saving Several Thousand Acres for Wildlife in March



8 Acre Luffenholtz Beach in Trinidad in Humboldt County, transfer from State to Trinidad Coastal Land Trust

65 acre donation to state of Lower Yuba River property from Bear Yuba Land Trust

64 acres-Wheeler Ridge preserve expansions 9 and 10, in Mono County, purchase of 4 acres by the State for $150,000, and donation of 59 acres to the State from the Eastern Sierra Land Trust

32 acres-Battle Creek in Shasta County, purchase of 32 acres, price is $680,000

2607 acres-Whiskey Hill in Colusa County, purchase of conservation easement over 2607 acres by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, grant of $759,000


479 acres-Coachella Valley in Riverside County, (Clifton-Lamb property, west of Palm Springs) purchase of 479 acres with federal funds

58 acres near Murrieta in Western Riverside, grant of $1.07 million in federal funds to Riverside County

5 acres purchased at Denk Mountain, in San Diego County, with $74,200 in federal funds, by the Center For Natural Lands Management

162 acres-Van Dam Cornerstone in San Diego County, grant to City of Poway for purchase of 162 acres, with federal funds

1415 acres-Desert Springs near Lake Isabella in Kern County, 1415 acres by TPL, grant of $1.38 million

120 acres-Portal ridge in North LA County, purchase of 120 acres from 2 owners by the Transition Habitat Conservancy; grant of $480,000

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