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Thursday, March 19, 2015

WCB 3/2015: More Critter Parks...

CA Wildlife Board Funds Purchase of 18,175 acres of Habitat and Buys 13,333 Acres of Development Rights

Taken from the Agendas for the California Wildlife Conservation Board for November 2014 to March 2015....

Blue Creek, Humboldt/Del Norte County $5,035,000
--grant to Western Rivers Forestry for a cooperative project with the State Coastal Conservancy, Wyss Foundation, the Yurok Tribe and the New Market Tax Credit Program to acquire 6,479± acres of land near the town of Klamath, and traversing both Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. WCB 11/20/2014 and 3/12/2015



East Contra Costa County NCCP/HCP (Viera/Perley) $882,500
--acquire 260± acres located in the Diablo Mountain Range, about 6 miles southeast of the Town of Clayton in Contra Costa County. WCB 2/25/2015



Granite Chief Wilderness--American River Headwaters, Placer County $3,500,000
--grant to American River Conservancy for a cooperative project with the California Natural Resources Agency and private donations to acquire 9,955± acres of land to help preserve alpine forests on the headwaters of the Middle and North Forks of the American River in Placer County. WCB 2/25/2015

Mt. Shasta Headwaters Forest, Hancock Phase I (Town Block), Siskiyou/Shasta County
--grant to the Pacific Forest Trust for a cooperative project with the California Department of Transportation to acquire a forest conservation easement over 12,644± acres of land covering a
significant portion of the upper watershed of the McCloud River, located near the town of McCloud and transversing both Siskiyou and Shasta Counties. WCB 11/20/2014

Little Shasta Valley Conservation Easement, Fogg Gulch, Siskiyou County, $53,000
--grant to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to acquire a conservation easement over 645± acres of land. WCB 11/20/2014

Allensworth Ecological Reserve, Expansion 50-56, Tulare County, $0.00
--acquisition of 8 separate parcels of land totaling 12.98+/- acres. The funding source is being
provided by the California Department of Corrections Statewide Electric Fence Project mitigation fund. WCB 11/20/2014

Allensworth Ecological Reserve, Expansion 57, Tulare County $0.00
--acquisition of two separate parcels totaling four± acres of land. WCB 2/25/2015

Barry Point Fire Forest Restoration, Modoc County $2,500,000
--grant to the Pacific Forest Trust for a cooperative project with the landowner to restore forest habitat within the privately-owned Collins Timber Company’s 32,686-acre Lakeview Tract, located just west of Goose Lake, approximately 30 miles north of the city of Alturas in Modoc County. WCB 11/20/2014

San Joaquin Wetlands Associates Settlement (MID Eminent Domain) Stanislaus County $0.00
--accept a perpetual conservation easement over 44± acres of natural and managed wetlands, upland
habitats, and riparian areas on 12 privately-owned parcels in western Stanislaus County as part of a Settlement Agreement related to the Modesto Irrigation District’s Westley to Rosemore Transmission Line Project. WCB 2/25/2015

East Sacramento County Blue Oak Legacy Area, Expansion 3 (Graves) $810,000
--grant to the Sacramento Valley Conservancy to acquire 100± acres approximately six miles south of the city of Folsom and three miles north of the community of Rancho Murrieta. WCB 2/25/2015
San Joaquin River Parkway, Jenco Farms , Fresno County, $911,400
--acquisition of 23± acres, WCB 2/25/2015



Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve, SLC Lease Amendment, Santa Barbara County, $0.00
-- adding 175± acres of land currently under the jurisdiction of the California State Lands Commission. WCB 2/25/2015



Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing, Los Angeles County $650,000
--grant to the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains for a cooperative project with Caltrans, Los Angeles County, a private landowner, and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority to enhance an existing undercrossing to allow wildlife to cross Highway
101, located approximately nine miles east of Thousand Oaks in Los Angeles County.
WCB 11/20/2014



Western Riverside - Monte Cristo, $60,800
--acquire 21± acres of land near the community of Murrieta. WCB 11/20/2014

Western Riverside - Oldar, $95,000
--acquire 157± acres of land near the community of Temecula. WCB 11/20/2014

Western Riverside, Evandel – Wilson, $146,200
--acquire 80± acres of land near the community of Murrieta. WCB 2/25/2015

Western Riverside, Evandel – Bergstein, $218,565
--acquire 108± acres near the community of Murrieta. WCB 2/25/2015

Metcalf Meadow, Recovery Land Acquisition Grant (2013), San Bernardino County $570,000
--grant to the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust to acquire14± acres located within the city of Big Bear. WCB 11/20/2014

Puma Canyon, Expansion 5 (Saylor) San Bernardino County $44,000
--grant to Transition Habitat Conservancy to acquire six± acres of land, to conserve lower montane chaparral and woodland habitat for the benefit of deer, mountain lion and other wildlife species, located in Puma Canyon on the lower northern slopes of the San Bernardino Mountains, near the community of Pinon Hills in San Bernardino County. WCB 2/25/2015

County of San Diego (PWRG) San Diego County, $227,090
--grant to the Endangered Habitat Conservancy (EHC) to acquire fee title to 79± acres and then transfer the property to the State CDFW, located near El Cajon. WCB 2/25/2015

County of San Diego, $1,625,295
--grant to the Endangered Habitats Conservancy to acquire a total of 634± acres from three separate landowners near the city of El Cajon.WCB 2/25/2015

City of Carlsbad (Cielo del Norte, Phase ll) San Diego County, $10,000
--grant to The Escondido Creek Conservancy to acquire fee title to 242+/- acres of land
for the protection of California gnatcatcher habitat in San Diego County. WCB 2/25/2015

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