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Monday, August 25, 2014

Politicians pack new Dam bill with park purchase pork

Proposition 1: Water Bond on November Ballot Promises almost $300 million to Local Parks Purchase Agencies

By Rex Frankel....
In this $7.5 billion spending proposal, $2.7 billion is for new reservoirs and other storage projects (I don't know what "new" water they intend to store in these new projects.....given that every drop of water in this state is claimed by some user already.)

However, to woo environmentally-conscious voters, they are throwing 5% of the money into buying new parks.

Careful what you wish for. More water storage projects usually means there is more water (on paper) available for real estate developers. And this makes the value of their wildlife packed, fire-prone and geologically unstable land zoom up. Will added land value due to more "paper" water eat up the added $300 million in the park purchase budget, thereby getting us no more land than we could buy today at lower prices without the water bond?

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for text of the ballot measure:
see page 20 of this pdf

$10 million for the Baldwin Hills
$30 million for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
$15 million for the Lake Tahoe area and $25 million for the Sierra Nevadas
$10 million for the Palm Springs area
$50 million for the Sacramento/San Joaquin river deltas
$10 million for the San Joaquin River
$17 million for the San Diego River area
and $100 million that can be spent virtually anywhere near the coastline including the inland areas around the San Francisco Bay

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