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Saturday, November 17, 2012

WCB 11/2012: State to Save amost 7700 acres from bulldozing this month

State to buy more wildlife preserves in November

2200 ACRES OF DEVELOPMENT RIGHT PURCHASED (conservation easements)

November 29, 2012, 10:00 AM, State Capitol, Room 11, Sacramento, California 95814


Shanghai Bend River Access $10,000 -- Sutter County
acquisition of 13± acres by Quitclaim Deed from Sutter County-- west bank of the Feather River in southeast Sutter County.

Conaway Ranch Conservation Easement (Change of Scope) $0.00 --Yolo County
acquisition of four friendly agricultural conservation easements (three outside and one within the Yolo Bypass) by the Department of Fish and Game (DFG), located east of the cities of Davis and Woodland. This change of scope proposes to redirect a portion of the funding and authorize a grant to the California Waterfowl Association to acquire the easement inside the Yolo Bypass in-lieu of the DFG. Same project as approved by WCB 8/30/2012

East Sacramento County Blue Oaks Legacy Area, $2,713,514 --Expansion 2 -- Sacramento County
grant to the Mother Lode Land Trust to acquire 375± acres located on Scott Road approximately three miles north of Rancho Murieta in southeast Sacramento County.

Campstool Ranch $2,761,055 --Calaveras County
acquire a working forest conservation easement on 2,175± acres of mixed conifer forest lands, located near the community of Railroad Flat in Calaveras County.


Napa Sonoma Marsh, Napa River Unit (Giovannoni) $35,000 --Napa County
acquisition of 12± acres located south of Highway 12 off Buchli Station in Napa County.

Quail Ridge UC Davis Natural Reserve System $70,000 --Napa County
grant to the University of California to acquire 10± acres for expansion of the UC Davis Natural Reserve System approximately 14 miles west of the City of Winters

East Contra Costa NCCP/HCP (Alaimo) $88,250 --Contra Costa County
acquire 2± acres located in the Diablo Mountain Range between the town of Clayton and the City of Pittsburg, in unincorporated Contra Costa County.WITHDRAWN FROM AGENDA

San Antonio Valley Ecological Reserve Expansion $868,000 -- Santa Clara County
acquisition of 339± acres of land as an addition to the Department of Fish and Game’s (DFG) San Antonio Valley Ecological Reserve located approximately 20 miles east of San Jose in eastern Santa Clara County.


Santa Cruz Sandhills, Zayante (Zolezzi) $87,921 -- Santa Cruz County
acquire a conservation easement over 25± acres, located in the City of Ben Lomond

Star Creek Ranch $2,510,000 --Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties
acquire 1,210± acres of land for the protection of habitat linkages and working forest property, located in Pajaro Hills in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties.


Joshua Tree North Linkage - Section 33, $685,000 --San Bernardino County
acquire 624± acres of land for the protection of desert habitat corridors leading south to the Joshua Tree National Park, located west of the community of Joshua Tree, in San Bernardino County

Upper Mission Creek / Big Morongo Canyon $2,012,000 --Conservation Area, Expansion 6 (Palmwood) Riverside County
acquire 883± acres located near Desert Hot Springs in Riverside County.

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