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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More North Coast Forests are saved

Mendocino County is becoming one big preserve

426 Acres of Ancient Redwoods Saved at Noyo River

4/7/2011—from CBD--

More than 400 acres of old-growth redwood forest on the northern coast of California are now protected. Over the past two years, the Center for Biological Diversity has been challenging logging plans that would have destroyed some of California's last remaining old forest. The area most recently in danger, known as the Noyo River Canyon in Mendocino County, has just been bought by the preservation organization Save the Redwoods League for $7.5 million-- meaning the Center won't have to stay in court to protect these amazing trees. The area will continue to provide safe habitat for many years to come for numerous threatened and endangered species, including the marbled murrelet, a shy, seafaring bird that relies on old-growth forest for nesting.

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State Wildlife Board OK's buying Development Rights on 8544 acres northeast of the Town of Willits

Eel River Peninsula $8,559,000 Mendocino County
-- A map has finally been released by the State's Wildlife Conservation board for its June 2011 action where it granted $8.5 million to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to acquire a conservation easement over 8,544± acres of threatened and endangered species habitat, deer range habitat, oak woodlands and old growth forests, wildlife corridors, riparian areas and to provide future wildlife oriented public use opportunities, located east of the town of Willits in Mendocino County.


State Buys more development rights on the Gualala River 

We finally have a map of 13,913 acres preserved by the Wildlife conservation Board in Feb 2011, at a cost of $20 million

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