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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Note to developers: good luck getting State water...

Holy Cow!!! Is California Dry!!

The California Department of Water Resources on Tuesday announced an initial allocation of 5 percent of total contracted water deliveries to State Water Project contractors for 2010. Five percent is the lowest initial allocation percentage since the SWP began delivering water in 1967...

...The Department of Fish and Game’s most recent survey indexes indicate that all four Delta pelagic fish species (Delta smelt, Longfin smelt, Striped bass and Threadfin shad) are at their lowest-ever population levels....

DWR on Monday released its latest drought bulletin. You can find it here. Http://
It provides an update to California’s water conditions. As we near the beginning of winter, reservoirs have typically reached their lowest levels after summer demands. An unseasonably early wet October did not significantly reduce our water supply deficit. As of Nov. 23, rainfall in the northern Sierra was only 29 percent of the average for November. During the same period, precipitation in the San Joaquin basin was 13 percent of the average for November.

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